World Adventure from Home!

Corentin from Paris, France!
Corentin from Paris, France!
Nacel Open Door has several kids coming from Spain and France to the Atlanta area this summer who still need hosts.   The kids in our tutorial program need to have host families in Atlanta proper because they are involved in classes and sightseeing through our program during the week from approximately 8:30-4:40pm (transportation to and from the program is Nacel staff’s responsibility).  Our homestay kids simply stay with their family for the duration and can be placed anywhere in greater metro area up to 1-2 hours away from the Atlanta airport. There is a $200 stipend for home stay hosts.  Please consider expanding your experience of everyday life and help provide a good experience to one of these students. You don’t need to have a fancy house (just a separate bed!) or feel like you have be entertaining.  It’s simply about being yourself and sharing who you are in your everyday life.  Trust me, who you are, as an American, is going to be different and interesting in and of itself to those that come from other places and visa versa.  The kids in our program are doing this exchange because they want to get to know you, in part, as a taste of what it is to really be American apart from our pop culture and they want to learn English so they can be more global citizens. Chaperones from each country accompany the students and stay in the Atlanta area for support.  The students come with spending money and insurance.  The dates for our first exchange this summer are July 7th- August 1st and our second exchange is August 3rd- August 23rd and if necessary this time can be shared with one other family.  For more information you can visit www.NacelOpenDoor.org and/or contact me, Angela Bennett at angelinATL99@gmail.com 


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