A Drunken, Naked Back Nine at the PDC

Booze-influenced antics on the golf course cause an uproar at the private Midtown club

The Piedmont Park Aquatic Center opened for the summer last weekend to much frivolity. But at another pool just a few hundred yards away, much of the talk of late has centered on fun gone too far.

Since it opened 125 years ago, the (PDC), located at 1215 Piedmont Avenue, has been associated among the most prestigious private clubs in the South. But for the last two weeks, members have been bantering about its public association as a place where grown men act in the most drunken and boorish manner.

On May 20, a prominent local attorney, PDC member and Ansley Park resident sent a letter to the club’s president and general manager concerning a recent member-member golf tournament involving allegations of "inappropriate" and "offensive" behavior from adult men fueled by excessive alcohol consumption.

The letter has since made its way to email inboxes across Atlanta, including the one at Midtown Patch.

Some of the bullet points of the letter included:

  • Several members decided to play several holes with no shirts.
  • One member decided to play the 14th hole completely naked.
  • Several members urinated on one of the greens, in the presence of the caddie, a female, and one or more of the members deliberately exposed themselves to her while urinating.
  • One member decided to show off to other members, and a caddie, his ability to pick up a golf ball with his naked butt cheeks.
  • Several members decided to deliberately hit onto the green while the group ahead of them was putting on that green, with the announced intention of hitting the members who were putting.
  • One of the drunken golfers passed out in the men’s grill, and another member opened his pants, pulled out his penis, and slapped the passed out member’s had with his penis.
  • After the golf was finished, several members were extremely drunk and disorderly. The noise made by several of the drunken and disorderly members was so obnoxious that a rehearsal dinner in the main dining area of the golf club was, of course, disturbed. When someone from the rehearsal dinner came into the men’s grill to ask the drunken members to quiet down, the response from one of the drunken golfers was “Go (expletive) yourself.”
  • Relations between the drunken golfers and rehearsal dinner did not improve – apparently several of the drunken golfers decided to “moon” the persons attending the rehearsal dinner.

The course is located off Camp Creek Parkway in south Fulton County. A message seeking comment left with the PDC by Patch has not been returned. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, though, reported that the club released a short statement:

“We have taken disciplinary action based on what we currently know to be true,” the statement read. “We take this matter very seriously and are looking into it further. When all of the facts are gathered and verified, we will consider further action."

Patch has learned the names a few of those accused and these are not men just out of college or of a youthful age. Many of these individuals are in their 40s and include a few prominent Atlantans.

In the first 24 hours that it was printed, the AJC article recieved almost 150 comments on the incident. But does any of this surprise you at all? After all, drunk, stupid behavior is an on-going occurrence everywhere, everyday. These guys just have more money (it's reported that potential members must fork out $90,000 to be considered to join) than most.

But really, can you pick up a golf ball with your naked butt cheeks?

T.A. June 01, 2012 at 05:34 PM
So, lets hear the names of the "prominent Atlantans".
Clicker June 01, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Hysterical! Sounds like someone finally had some fun at a golf course! Did anyone else hear the Caddyshack theme song in your head while reading this post? I've picked up some 'things' with my butt cheeks but golf balls have not been one of them.
Clicker June 01, 2012 at 07:25 PM
By the way, that 'Enter to Win...Dinner with Barack' ad is hysterical too. Who would have ever thought that the presidency is now on the same level as a Food Network contest.
Aya Turner June 01, 2012 at 09:39 PM
I still can't stop laughing ... reminds me of the good ole days as an Officer's wife!!
Hunt Archbold June 02, 2012 at 11:42 AM
No plans to disclose any names at this point. Not thinking it would be prudent. But was definitely thinking about Caddyshack's Bushwood CC when writing this.


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