Cyber Search: A Pit Bull and a Baby on Craigslist

An owner and a dog can be reunited through Craigslist, but is it the right place to advertise, or look for, a baby for adoption?

On Friday morning, a post appeared at Craigslist indicating a female pit bull dog – brindle with a while face – had recently been found in Midtown. With a picture of the pooch, came the following:

"I found a sweet female pit last night. She is brindle with a mostly white face, and white on her paws. She has a red collar with a Dekalb Rabies tag."

Do you know where this sweet girl calls home?

And it is Craigslist that leads to our Midtown question(s) of the day? ABC News did a special on adoption recently showing just how different it is in the digital age. In the special, it showed a reunion between an adopted child and his birth mother. The adopted mother and birth mother had met online – in an ad on Craigslist.

In this particular case, it was a successful union between the two parties. The birth mother was able to keep up with her child through Facebook and now that she is in a better place in life, she was able to meet up with him again in real life.

The same couple, however, had a negative situation, also with Craigslist, when looking for a second child. But in that case too they were able to resolve the issue on the Internet. The reportedly were able to Google the perspective birth mother and figure out that there was a good reason she appeared more interested in the financial transaction that the welfare of her unborn child.

She had a list of charges for financial crimes, which were revealed through the Google search. According to the ABC Special, turning to the Internet gives the perspective parents and the birth mother more control. It does, however, leave them vulnerable to some pitfalls.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to turn to Craigslist to adopt, or adopt out a baby? Is this just a natural progression in the new digital age?


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