Friday Night's Concert at Emory Disturbs Morningside Residents

Found below is a complaint circulated on Zimmer Drive, part of Morningside-Lenox Park that is roughly 3-4 miles from Emory.  According to a Morningside resident, the noise from an outdoor concert was nearly unbearable and affected the entire neighborhood.  The letter below was a complaint about the noise and the law enforcement response to the noise complaint.  If you were affected by the noise, there is also information in the letter about who to complain to.  (Remember Midtown Patch is the place to share your neighborhood news directly with your neighbors. Just click here!)

"The noise tonight on Zimmer Drive is a concert at Emory that has a permit.  It should end at midnight.

When we dial 911, it goes to Atlanta Police; I had to get testy with them to transfer me to DeKalb 911 to find out about this “concert.”

Emory’s Campus Life department got a permit from DeKalb County to allow this disturbance in our lives.

My feeling is, if we don’t protest, it’ll continue happening.

The woman at DeKalb 911 suggested I complain to Code Enforcement, 404-687-3700, on Monday.  Believe me, I will.

I also complained to the Emory Police Department, 404-727-6115, and the guy who answered the phone admitted they had had a lot of complaint calls.

This appears to be the two “leaders” of Emory’s Campus Life:  http://www.emory.edu/CAMPUS_LIFE/documents/handbook_2012-13.pdf

If their emails follow Emory’s formula (firstname.lastname@emory.edu), head of Campus Life is ajay.nair@emory.edu and the president of Emory is james.wagner@emory.edu.

Both their inboxes need to be flooded with angry complaints for sanctioning such nonsense. 

I’ll also find out who “authorized” such a public nuisance in DeKalb County government and pass along those idiots’ phone numbers and emails if I can get them.

If you know any other groups on Reeder or Cumberland, feel free to pass this along."


jbecker419 September 30, 2013 at 07:21 PM
So wait... did the concert end at midnight? Or did it go late? Because if they ended on time, then I don't see what all the fuss is about. You live in an urban area near a large school. Weekends often get noisy. It baffles me the number of people who choose to live in areas where noise is to be expected and then get all huffy when it gets noisy.
laurita September 30, 2013 at 11:23 PM
Emory has considerable influence in the community, and your hissy fit is unlikely to stop them from getting similar permits in the future. However, I agree that this concert did seem louder than others in the past (which have been held every semester for several years now) - hopefully next time they can arrive at a better solution for noise control. I think reaching out to Emory with that suggestion will likely produce better results than harassing county employees.
Chris R October 01, 2013 at 06:39 AM
Atlanta cops do nothing with noise complaints when they involve events, clubs, or other commercial activities. It is their financial best interest to ignore them. All these events and clubs and what not pay cops for detail work, at least. Less events and clubs, less money in their pocket. Neighborhood leaders don't fight hard enough on noise issues, and the city council does nothing other than grant permits to habitual rule breakers. Saying "oh it is a part of urban life" doesn't justify keeping people awake in their home and destroying people's peace and comfort.


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