Midtown Alliance Capital Improvements Update

Midtown Alliance provides an update on various projects underway in Midtown

Editor's note: The following information was provided by Midtown Alliance


South Midtown Pedestrian and Circulation Improvements – This $4 million project and multi-phased effort includes intersection upgrades on Ponce de Leon Avenue, North Avenue and Linden Avenue to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety as well as new streetscapes along Ponce de Leon Avenue from Spring to Piedmont, and the revitalization of the Fox Triangle Park at Ponce de Leon Avenue and Peachtree Street. All totaled 12 intersections will be upgraded. Construction crews are currently performing work for the new plaza at Ponce/Peachtree. The entire project is expected to be completed in November of 2012.

10th Street Streetscape (Williams Street to Piedmont Avenue) – 10th Street improvements include installation of new sidewalks, street trees, lighting, handicap upgrades and a bike lane. Construction is currently underway on the north side of 10th Street between Spring and West Peachtree Streets. Crews are scheduled to complete this block and move to the block between West Peachtree and Peachtree Streets next week. The entire project is expected to be completed in January 2013.

Peachtree Street, Phase III (Peachtree Circle to Peachtree Street bridge) – Work on this corridor will resume this week.

Wireless Traffic Signals – We are currently implementing a program that will install new wireless traffic communication devices for Midtown’s highest-traffic intersections. Made possible by a grant from the Department of Energy, this effort will increase district-wide signal efficiency and improve traffic management. The new system is expected to be fully functional by September 2012.

Pop-Up Pocket Park – In coordination with Jamestown Properties, the Midtown Alliance is extremely excited to soon be opening a new pocket park across the street from John Marshall Law School on West Peachtree Street. Final details are being completed this month.

Midtown Regional Traffic Operations Program – City Council voted in mid-April to formalize a partnership between Midtown Alliance, the City of Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Transportation to implement a signal management and timing plan for the 96 signals in the Midtown network. A grant of $1 million over the next year will provide on-call response to traffic and signal operations issues, repair and replacement of communications equipment, and implementation of timing strategies for different times of day and planned and unplanned events. A Request for Qualifications to identify a transportation consultant will be advertised before the end of the month.

Stacey June 07, 2012 at 01:04 PM
It is great that Midtown is getting all this sprucing up, but it is too bad that we can't even get proper signage at the corner of Spring Street & 4th. It's been 2 years since I first reported this to Public Works. Now, I take a picture and send it to Public Works, Midtown Alliance/Blue and Kwanzaa Hall. Sent one on May 10 (3 car accident, late night, luckily missed pedestrians who jumped out of the way). Midtown Alliance did respond very quickly and made a few changes but nearly enough to address the problems at this intersection. Another on May 24 (3 car accident, morning).


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