Midtown's Artistic Rainwater Cistern

Midtown Alliance seeking artist to spruce up rainwater cistern with a display that plays on a sustainability/water conservation theme

Earlier this year, Midtown Alliance announced the creation of Greenprint Midtown, a community-wide action plan to integrate sustainability throughout Midtown and establish the area as the South’s first urban eco-district.

In the months since, Midtown Alliance has engaged Midtowners in developing a community-wide sustainability action plan focusing on five key areas – water, energy, waste, transportation and greenspace.

This month, Midtown Alliance is seeking an artistic application (likely paint, but it’s open to other ideas) for a rainwater cistern (see photo) that plays on the sustainability/water conservation theme. Artists can leave their comments below or submit their design idea to Shelby@midtownalliance.org by July 31.

Midtown Alliance will convene a selection committee to determine the winning design. The selected designer will be responsible for implementing the design.

Midtown Alliance, which will provide the winning artist with a $500 prize and pay for materials (paint, etc) up to $250, will maintain the design for a minimum of one year.

Some of the suggestion’s on the Midtown Alliance Facebook page include:

“How about a heart with water pouring out of it over midtown skyline”

“If it has visibility then you could get a sponsor and make it revenue generating to help fund the project....maybe Turner would make it into a cartoon character or something...”

“A Calder mobile hanging over a grand live oak tree on the banks of a golden meandering river, with a small bill board in the distance that has the single word 'balance'.”


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