Midtown Neighbors' Association Elects 2013 Board

At their annual meeting this week, the Midtown Neighbors' Association elected its 2013 board.

The Midtown Neighbors’ Association elected its 2013 board members at the organization's annual meeting, which was held Jan. 23 at Park Tavern

Terry Bond will serve as president. Tony Rizzutowill serve as vice president, Mary Cobb as treasurer and Nancy Reynolds as secretary. 

Other board members include Howell Adams III, Sharon Just, Todd Robinson, Jeff Burgess, Eboni Camille Chillis, Kendra Taylor, Kathleen Dumitrescu, Dana Persons and Greg Guhl.

The MNA Mission Statement reads as follows:

The mission of the Midtown Neighbors’ Association is to assure that our vibrant and diverse neighborhood becomes an increasingly better community in which to enjoy the benefits of the urban experience. We strive to develop solutions that continually improve Midtown’s safety and quality of life, and give our neighbors a voice in development and revitalization decisions. We seek to act as the neighborhood’s link to other communities, government agencies and our elected officials. We seek to be inclusive, proactive, and diligent in our commitment to serve the best interests of Midtown as a neighborhood by bringing together our community.

Since 2005, the MNA has invested more than $105,000 in the neighborhood. Below is a list of membership dollars and contributions at work in the community:

  • Safety Initiatives: $51,750
  • Environmental & Green Community: $36,500
  • Education: $11,000
  • Stakeholder Assocations (Midtown Alliance & NPU-E): $7,250

These are a few of the many areas MNA contributes in building community to make Midtown safer, greener and healthier. Your membership allows MNA to continue to invest financial and volunteer resources in Midtown.

John Sarine January 26, 2013 at 12:05 PM
Why didn't they elect Marc?
Marty Hashbrown January 26, 2013 at 03:22 PM
Too funny John. I, and am sure a lot others, are thinking the same thing. According to CBS, the Ku Klux Klan targets metro Atlanta for recruitment, so Marc is most likely busy sewing together his white sheets, and getting fitted for his hood, while setting his eyes on the bigger prize.


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