One Who Had Little, Gave All He Had

'No one that we knew in the neighborhood had to be alone or hungry this Christmas.'

There are plenty of scary things in our world, so I wanted to share with you something good and beautiful.

Several things came together to make something special happen in our neighborhood this Christmas. A homeless man in our church named Darrell, who was going to be alone on Christmas, volunteered to spend his Christmas serving others and some neighbors from Inman Park, Edgewood and East Lake.

He volunteered to make food for people on Christmas. The result was that Darrell was able to open the doors of the church on Christmas Day for anyone we knew who would be hungry and or alone on Christmas to enjoy an amazing Christmas meal with other people provided by some of our neighbors.

Thanks to the generosity of people who were almost all strangers to each other, no one that we knew in the neighborhood had to be alone or hungry this Christmas.

It was a beautiful Christmas and I hope hearing about it blesses your night.

The Rev. Nathan Dean, a resident of Edgewood, is co-pastor of the Edgewood Church in Kirkwood.

Anna Varela January 01, 2013 at 03:49 PM
Thank you for sharing this story of generosity and fellowship.


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