Piedmont Park Post-Music Midtown 2012

Dancing Music Midtown fans leave Piedmont Park happy, but some of the meadow's grass is left sporting a brown frown

Today’s Midtown Picture of the Day is in fact several pictures taken recently by a Midtown resident. They are more or less ‘before’ and ‘after’ Music Midtown 2012 photographs of Piedmont Park’s meadow area.

As happened a year ago, the area was trampled upon by tens of thousands of fans who attended the two-day festival on Sept. 21-22. After the September 2011 one-day Music Midtown, the portion of the meadow near where the stage was located had to be restored and fenced off until mid-spring.

The meadow was fairly green two weeks ago as can be seen by these pictures that were taken on Sept. 16. But the post-Music Midtown shots, snapped four days after the festival, reveal lots more brown grass mixed in with the green.

In constructing the stages, Music Midtown officials did install a new type of tuft protection, an articulated aluminum roadway, as a way to further minimize impact on the grass. But foot traffic does the most damage and these events and some portions of the park that took the most beating from standing and shuffling fans are now fenced off.

Live Nation Entertainment produces Music Midtown and as is the case with all gated, ticketed events at Piedmont Park, it is up to the promoter to repair any damage sustained by the park, including turf damage. After the proclaimed success of this year's festival from fans and officials, there's speculation that Music Midtown could grow to three days in 2013.

The recent rains help new grass grow, but more music fans are heading Piedmont Park’s way with the 2012 Atlanta Pride Festival in less than two weeks. That’s when two stages will be home to a host of performers over the course of the annual festival on Oct. 13-14.


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