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Have an opinion? A passion? A hobby? Share it on Midtown Patch!

Midtown Patch is more than just a home for local news source - it's an online community which means we want the local voices sounding off loud and clear.

Right now, we're looking for anyone who lives or works in Midtown to write about what they think, know, love and want everyone in the community to hear. Write about anything you want to—inside or outside of Midtown. For the most part, anything goes.

While the blogging gig is unpaid (sorry!), you'll retain rights to any content posted on the blog. And just think of the bragging rights! But seriously, the blog is yours—we just amplify your voice and give you a wider audience.

Here are just a few of our local voices in Midtown:

is our man around town. From events big and small, Rob gives you the inside scoop on what’s happening in Midtown. From festival previews to the fabulous recent return of Baton Bob, Rob keeps Midtowners in the know.

is a licensed Community Association Manager and holds the CMCA®, AMS® and PCAM® designations from Community Associations Institute. Anything you want to know about condo living gets answered in Huffman’s blog.

uses the design skills from a 37-year career in the retail visual merchandising industry, as well as being a residential interior design consultant for in-town condos, homes and weekend vacation retreats, to help you outline a comprehensive plan for quality and economically orchestrated home design execution.

is a licensed professional counselor and has been in private practice in Midtown for 25 years. He provides excellent tips and explores what it means to have a life that works well, is satisfying, and has meaning.

shares her nutrition education, dance experience, and personal thoughts with Midtown Patch readers. Her goal is to make you realize that eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly is not as difficult as you may think.

There are so many more. Why don't you come aboard? We'd love to have someone here at Midtown Patch blog about pets and animals, not to mention all the arts and culture that is all around us in Midtown!

To get started, create an account associated with your email address. It's easy:

1. Go to http://Midtown.Patch.com

2. Click on "Sign Up" at the top of the page 

3. Follow the simple instructions on confirming your account 

Now we need to make sure there's some information about YOU on Patch. So: 

1. Log into Midtown Patch and click on your name 

2. Click on Edit Profile on the left 

3. Fill out the "Short Bio" section with just a few sentences about you: Where do you live? How long have you been in the area? What's your profession? What do you like to do? 

4. Click on "Profile Photos" and just upload a single headshot there 

Then email editor Hunt Archbold (hunt.archbold@patch.com) to let him know you want to start blogging. 

What are you waiting for????


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