Sublime Doughnuts, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and APD Officers: a Midtown 'Ride Along'

Why do doughnuts and police officers go together so well?

Ahead of the opening of their new movie, 'Ride Along', Ice Cube and Kevin Hart stopped into Sublime Doughnuts with a handful of police officers to say thanks for all that police officers do and to garner more attention for the film.

Sublime Doughnuts is probably the premier doughnut maker in Atlanta and the state.  They offer a variety of different and unique flavors that draw customers from far and wide.  Located at 535 10th Street, the shop pulls its regulars from nearby GA Tech campus as well as commuters who pass by the sugary heaven 5 days a week.

In 2012, we first reported that Sublime even received attention nationwide. The Bake Magazine named the local small business as America's Best Bakery of 2012.

"Ride Along" opens in theaters in Atlanta on January 17th and stars rapper turned actor, Ice Cube and standup comedian, Kevin Hart.  Here is the brief description of the film:

When a tough undercover officer’s (Ice Cube) future brother-in-law (Kevin Hart) joins him on an overnight shift, the wisecracking trainee gets accidentally embroiled in the seasoned cop’s latest case. Now, in order to prove that he is worthy of his future bride, he must survive the most insane night of his life.

Judging by the hundreds of people who can be seen in the attached video lining up to get a glimpse of the stars and a free doughnut, this film will be pretty popular this coming weekend.  Check out our Movie Fridays section for other film reviews and showtimes.  


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