YouTube viewers take notice of Midtown lesbian group

Bria and Chrissy score followers with music videos containing LGBT subject matter intended to entertain and promote equality.

Having recorded and posted online their first music video less than a month ago, a Midtown lesbian singing duo has since certainly drawn its fair amount of YouTube attention.

Bria Kam, 25, and Chrissy Chambers, 21, have had both positive and negative reviews and comments for such songs as "Legitimate Rape Song" (Thank-you Todd Akin) and “Dear Chick-Fil-A" (Because I'm a Homosexual), and they’re motivated to keep producing thought-provoking original content in an effort to both entertain and promote equality.

“Really, we’re at a point where we need to keep going to help make an impact,’’ Kam told Patch.  

Bria and Chrissy met last fall at the East Atlanta Village gay bar Mary’s. Kam, who grew up in the metro Atlanta area and attended The Paideia School, has been out as a lesbian for almost a decade, but Chambers at the time was looking to “date a girl for the first time." The two have been a romantic item since their initial encounter, but only recently did Kam, a cover musician who has been involved in music most of her life, and Chambers, an actress, begin collaborating together on songs.

Videos with the pair in wigs singing about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney not being open about his finances and the Republican Convention have drawn interest. But it wasn’t until the duo posted their Chick-fil-A song on Aug. 3 that its YouTube audience began to take notice – as in more than 40,000 views worth.  

Of course, not all the comments were positive in nature.

“At the beginning, it was very brutal,” Kam admitted. “There was so much hate, people saying we should kill ourselves, cut ourselves, get AIDS and HIV. But then it changed 180 degrees and the amount of support coming in has been unbelievable.”  

The song can be purchased here with buyers opting how much to pay. Regardless, the women are donating 50 percent of all proceeds to 'Freedom to Marry,' a group that fights for gay marriage.

The group has posted another original, "I Have Two Moms" and a cover of the Muppets' classic “Rainbow Connection” to promote lesbian gay bisexual transgender awareness.

But it was their song concerning Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin’s theory on rape and pregnancy that has captured the most attention as "Legitimate Rape Song" has attracted almost 57,000 views in the last 10 days.  

The duo, which is currently working on a side project together consisting of electronic pop originals, has also been encouraged by the number of young gay people reaching out to them for advice about coming out.

“One young girl asked that she questioned her sexuality,” said Chambers, a Mississippi native who has been in the Atlanta area about four years. “She said, ‘I feel I might be gay, but don’t want to hurt those around me. What do you think I should do because I don’t even know who to turn to?’ That’s powerful.”  

Such inquiries have led the group to work on a song tentatively titled, “You Can’t Come Out, Yes You Can.” They hope to post it online in the coming week.

“It’s been really moving to hear from people and that’s one reason we’re going to keep going with this,’’ Kam said.


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