I Support the TSPLOST- YES!!

I support intelligent options for expansion of transit, improvement of transportation and preparation for inevitable regional growth. Don't you?

Yippee!!! I have read the plan. I have seen the list of 157 projects. I was one of the more than 200,000 Georgia citizens who made their voices heard and concerns known. I have talked to people who were involved in the selection process. I was thrilled with State Legislators on both sides of the isle who FINALLY found ONE thing they all could agree on - we MUST improve Georgia's transit and transportation infrastructure to prepare for our own best future.  

I support intelligent options for expansion of transit, improvement of transportation and preparation for inevitable regional growth. I respect the good people with a vision for Atlanta’s future, who have stepped up and are taking the lead to insure we have the resources we need to keep Atlanta thriving. The process was transparent and open for anyone to participate in and comment on - don't believe anyone who tells you different. I know, 'cause I was there.

Born and raised in this City (and I mean in downtown Atlanta) I have listened to the argument over funding transit and transportation improvements in this City all my life. If Mayors Hartsfield and Jackson hadn’t had their visions for Atlanta we would not have the busiest international airport in the world and trust me, people with shortsighted vision fought them every step of the way. If Mayor Massell hadn’t put his career on the line for MARTA we wouldn’t have even the modest transit system we have today. I was here when the 75/85 connector was widened from eight lanes to 16 lanes right through the heart of downtown and you should have heard the 'hue and cry' over that decision. 

Now Mayor Reed is asking us to take Atlanta to an entirely new level. He asks us to embrace a vision of what we could become – a World Class City.  

The negative rhetoric of the do-nothings in this City is not going to reduce my enthusiasm. This is NOT a boondoggle to advance one political party’s agenda. This is not about making ‘bigger government’ or wasting ‘my tax dollars.’

This is about creating jobs. This is about intelligent transportation design. This is about getting cars off our roads. This is about improving the air we breathe. This is about making solutions to real challenges we already have. This is about getting ahead of the issues we know are coming. This is smart public policy.

Admittedly there were some structural issues with the legislation that will make this an imperfect process. There will have to be tweaks and changes along the way. Nothing is perfect. But none of the issues are insurmountable and none would be reasons to miss this unique opportunity. 

MARTA has gotten the shaft and that sucks. But all things run their course and you can be sure there must be a regional transit authority that will emerge out of this process and it will have the global scope necessary to tie buses and street cars and rail and The Atlanta Beltline all together under one umbrella. This is vital.

I will vote YES to the TSPLOST (Regional Transit Referendum) on July 31 and I ask you to join me. 

I will vote YES to progress. Will you?

I will vote YES to jobs. Will you?

I will vote YES to cleaner air. Will you?

I will vote YES to a better Atlanta. Will you?

Truth be told, this ATL Gal also thinks the commercials are way cool….the ’Untie Atlanta’ theme is kinda cleaver.  Don’t you think that says it all?

Join me on July 31. 

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Tammy April 18, 2012 at 01:15 PM
I support the T Splost too but I'm becoming increasingly concerned that all of out OTP buddies do not and will not vote for this. The biggest issue I see is the complete lack of a plan B if this thing does not pass. We cannot afford to let congestion be the downfall of the Atlanta metro region.
Chris H April 18, 2012 at 03:23 PM
I have always been voting yes and have been talking to whoever I can about the issue and the need to go and vote yes! My hope is most of the backwards boondogglers will just stay home on July 31 and not come out to vote.
ATLGal April 18, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Tammy - so glad you are a supporter and you are right, there is no Plan B for funding such massive and vital projects. Great progress is being made to bring all multitude of state and local transporation planners and authorities around ONE table to collaborate and coordinate the hundreds of plans that are on drawing boards all over this metro region and that is GREAT. Now we need the funding mechanism to make it happen.
ATLGal April 18, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Chris - throw a 'get out the vote' party and invite your friends to join you at the polls!! Tell them about how vital this penny is to the ENTIRE metro Atlanta region. Rally the troups on July 31!!!!
Derek B. Cook April 19, 2012 at 02:06 PM
I am all for expanding and enhancing our transportation infrastructure. Though staunchly and proudly conservative, I have no problem with adding a penny sales tax for such an initiative because this is a legitimate function of a limited government and a fair way to fund it. Where I take issue is the lack of vision in the project plan. Our traffic problem is a regional issue but there are few projects of a regional scope in this package. While I do not mind paying sales tax to fund major improvements and expansions in other parts of the metro area than just my own, intersection improvements and local corridor improvements don't offer a significant region-wide reduction in traffic and, as such, should be funded by the local jurisdiction. We need meaningful exploration of light rail, a central transportation hub for rail, commuter bus and intercity bus downtown. We need vast expansion of 285 and a relaunch of the outer loop. Look at other cities our size (Dallas comes to mind) and they have freeways criss-crossing their metro areas. Atlanta lacks this. Where is the vision in this package? I fear if we approve this TSPLOST we will be saddled with half-measures that will do little to help our traffic congestion and, when this tax expires, our situation will be possibly worse than it is now. Thus, I say vote NO on TSPLOST and go back to the drawing board and return with visionary, large scale and scope projects that have a hope of addressing our transportation infrastructure needs.
Clicker April 19, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Your enthusiasm for an additional tax is extraordinary ATLGal. I wish I could share it. As I look over the list of projects again so many of them seem to me to be basic maintenance issues that should not require creating additional taxes to cover. Some examples: (I am sure the dollar amounts are estimates. I am equally sure that the costs will probably be double what is quoted as that is the way government works.) TIA-AR-037 $37,000,000 to STUDY extension of MARTA north to Northridge? TIA-AT-001(47) $462,500 to REPAVE the road and add some lights? TIA-CO-018 $2,500,000 for a new control tower at McCollum Field? $600,000,000+ for the beltline that will improve commutes how? I too am a long time metro Atlanta resident of 40+ years, an Intown resident of 20+ years and have paying the extra penny Marta tax without receiving adequate service for that money. I am not saying my vote is definitely no, but I will look over this list carefully to see how many items actually go towards improving capacity and how many are simply maintence items that should be performed with taxes I am already paying. You poo-poo those that worry this tax is making government bigger and wasting tax dollars. Unfortunately, our governments prove that they do both of these things very well. It is up to supporters of this tax to prove that this will not be the case. You have yet to convince me otherwise. Sorry.
ATLGal April 19, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Hi clicker - thanks for stopping by and I'm really glad to hear you do your own research and don't rely on others! 1st I would never 'poo-poo' anyone ;-) But I will respectfully pose that 'small government' advocates use that excuse when it to their advantage but will demand government intervention or involvement when it suits them. It's a distraction argument - watch this hand so you won't see what I am doing with the other. 2nd There is no such thing as a world class city without adequate mass transit for it citizens and adequate roads for transportation of goods. I am confident you don't really believe that road repairs are intended to help you in your personal car get to work faster - right? New towers, deeper ports, wider roads are for commerce. Develop sufficient mass transit and you can get more cars off the road. Build denser, transit-oriented residential nodes and you reduce commuter traffic. 3rd the vision for Atlanta that I speak about won't really help you and me - it's for our kids and their kids and decades to come after that. Heartfield wasn't seeing his own future, he was seeing YOUR present day. Look up and ahead 20 and 30 years into the future. That's REAL vision. That's REAL leadership. Please vote YES.


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