Cassidy Turley Video Series Supports TSPLOST Initiative

Weekly series will feature interviews with Atlanta business and community leaders.

The Midtown-based office of commercial real estate services provider Cassidy Turley has launched a 10-week video campaign supporting the passage of metro Atlanta’s historic TSPLOST ballot initiative.

Each week until the July 31 vote, Cassidy Turley will release a two-minute video featuring an interview with a prominent Atlanta business or community leader to educate the public about the importance of the TSPLOST initiative, which would fund a series of transportation projects aimed at alleviating the traffic congestion plaguing metro Atlanta.

Interviewees will include Sam Massell, former Atlanta mayor and current president of The Buckhead Coalition; Jim Durrett, executive director of The Buckhead Community Improvement District and a member of MARTA’s Board of Directors; and Mark Toro, managing partner for North American Properties.

The videos will appear each Tuesday on Cassidy Turley’s new “Why Atlanta?” blog.

“We at Cassidy Turley immediately recognized the vital importance of the TSPLOST initiative to the metro region,” Clark Gore, regional managing principal for Cassidy Turley’s Atlanta office, said in a statement.

Gore appears in the first installment of the video series.

“We want to do our part to help the city and the surrounding area tackle its toughest issues, and there is perhaps no matter more important than solving our traffic congestion, which is hampering Atlanta’s economic development, threatening its environment and decreasing the quality of life of our residents,” added Gore.

Cassidy Turley entered the Atlanta market last fall with its acquisition of the brokerage and property management businesses of Carter. It's Atlanta office is loacted at 171 17th Street.

Cassidy Turley has more than 3,600 professionals in more than 60 offices nationwide. The firm completed transactions valued at $22 billion in 2011, manages 455 million square feet on behalf of institutional, corporate and private clients and supports more than 28,000 domestic corporate services locations.

Hunt Archbold (Editor) May 31, 2012 at 10:44 AM
Don't forget, the Atlanta BeltLine will host a transportation referendum information meeting tonight at 6:30 at the Atlanta Community Food Bank in West Midtown. http://patch.com/E-lLmr
stoptsplost May 31, 2012 at 07:14 PM
VOTE "NO" on TSPLOST on July 31, 2012 NO NEW TAXES - this is a new tax that has never existed before. DON’T VOTE A NEW TAX ON YOURSELF. INCREASES THE SALES TAX ON FOOD, electricity and other essentials to build new roads. Ups sales taxes from 7 to 8 % for TEN years. No effect on gas tax or other transportation related activities. ONLY 1/4 OF TAX COLLECTED IS RETURNED to the county. The rest goes to GDOT to build roads around the region mostly in urban, and not rural areas. UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Creates a new level of government between the State and the County: Regional Transportational Authority that is not accountable to the People. To help stop the TSPLOST go to www.StopTSPLOST2012.com
ErinRogers June 03, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Businesses speaking out about this issue is major. If current businesses cannot deal with the traffic that plagues are area we can't expect for new businesses to want to come down and set up offices in our region. I'll be interested to see how local business owners say the traffic affects them.


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