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Has Occupy Movement been 'relatively successful?'

Former President Jimmy Carter weighs in on Occupy protesters, who he says have put corporate greed and economic inequality back in the news.

You know there’s been another Occupy Atlanta demonstration in Midtown this week. Roughly a dozen protesters were arrested on Monday at the AT&T building while demanding the company “show some love” over its recent announcement that more than 700 job cuts would be cut in the Southeast.

What’s your take on Occupy Atlanta and the Occupy Movement?

Former President Jimmy Carter weighed in on the Occupy Movement at an event at Duke University on Wednesday.

"It's been relatively successful even acknowledging there's no leadership, there's no coherence and there's no single list of issues they want to succeed," the former president said, according to an Associated Press report.

Carter said the group put corporate greed and economic inequality back in the news.

"That issue was basically ignored by the Congress and the news media a year ago," he said. "I believe they've achieved putting that back on the agenda."

Read more on HuffPo.

Meanwhile, Digital Journal contributor Lynn Herrmann writes that the movement is ready to emerge from “a winter blunder and resume its fair-weather protests.” She continued:

"Where is the motivation? Without broad support from the American population, Occupy can protest until the cows come home. A disconnected Occupy, again, sorely in need of central leadership, will wallow in its own ineptitude. Isolated protests of 50 to a couple of hundred people are a joke.

An even bigger joke were those brave souls protesting during their lunch hours. Only in America, craving for its two seconds of notoriety.

Occupy needs well-defined goals. The very concept of goal-setting is reaching those goals. There is no purpose in unattainable goals. Occupy has not attained anything because it has no attainable goals."

Do you agree or diagree? Tell us why. Read the full Digital Journal op-ed piece here: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/319654

Marietta Scott February 17, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Lynn Herrman has an interesting take on a movement that (with no funding or centralized leadership) has managed to reach across the globe in 6 weeks created a following in major cities around the world. The movement has brought income disparity into the national discussion, Occupy has become part of the political vernacular and legislation/prosecution focused on corporate fraud is now on the upswing. There are 'Occupy' groups of all kinds now operating independently. Ms. Herrman, and others like her, naively believe there are simple solutions to complex problems; the Occupy Movement has diverged to empower a variety of groups to bring attention to the large variety of issues that are harming our country. For those who need a single solution, we recommend 'Ending Corporate Control of Politics'. This has been a rallying cry at Occupations across the country, is found on almost every Occupy website and continues to be a central focus of the movement. It seems odd that Ms. Herrman, or any real journalist that had done their research, wasn't aware of it. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A SPEAKER TO VISIT YOUR ORGANIZATION TO DISCUSS THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT, visit our website OccupyAtlanta.ORG and email us through the Outreach Committee link. outreach@occupyatlanta.org
Marietta Scott February 17, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Also, those arrested at the AT&T protest were middle-class Americans, all employed or retired home-owners, several of which were Grandparents. Not quite the shiftless youngsters/homeless crowd corporate-owned media only puts in print.


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