From Food Truck to Brick and Mortar, Vintage Frozen Custards Moves to Midtown

This will be the Spring of frozen treats in the Westside District

The original truck. Courtesy of Vintage Frozen Custard website.
The original truck. Courtesy of Vintage Frozen Custard website.
It was once Leroy's Fried Chicken and then most recently Ben's Brown Bag, but now the space at 1021 Howell Mill Road will soon become the first brick and mortar location for Vintage Frozen Custard.

Just over a year ago, Vintage Frozen Custard started in Atlanta as a food truck and now is ready for the challenge of running a stand alone shop within the Westside district.

According to the Vintage Frozen Custard website, the company currently sells two flavors which can then be topped in a variety of different and unique ways.  The company says it uses many natural and organic products on its menu, bringing customers back to their old-timer roots.

The Vintage Frozen Custard Philosophy:
Stay true to what we love, love what we do, and share our passion with all who want to experience...“the classic taste of yesterday” 

For those like me, who are not as familiar with custard as they are with ice cream and gelato, frozen custard is a gourmet ice cream that originated in Coney Island, New York as a carnival treat around 1919. At Vintage Frozen Custard their old-fashioned custard is continuously fed into a freezing barrel and the mix is rapidly frozen with very little air and small ice crystals. This creates frozen custard that is velvety smooth with a rich flavor.

Tonetoatl.com reports that Vintage Frozen Custard will lease their space from The Fellini's Pizza / La Fonda owners who operate it, and that the location should open in late Winter/early Spring.  

The new custard location joins the recently opened Jeni's Ice Cream and Yoforia, both directly down the street from Vintage's location.


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