GA Tech Waffle House Tops Buzzfeed's National Popularity List

Was GA Tech Waffle House rated Best or Worst?

Buzzfeed.com recently took a swing at rating the top 21 Waffle Houses across the nation, and came to the conclusion that 11 of the top 21 locations are right here in Georgia.

The list was rated and compiled thanks to Foursquare, and judged by the number of people that "checked-in", or visited the restaurant. According to Buzzfeed, Waffle House has served, "around 145 waffles per minute," or over 877,388,027 in total.

A large number of the famous waffles must have served as brain food for the students in and around GA Tech, because the new location on 5th street was rated as the #1 most popular Waffle House in the country.  The location received an 8.1 out of 10 rating and some good reviews from its customers. 

Other notable Midtown and nearby Waffle Houses include:
#4 - 2581 Piedmont Road
#5 - 4065 Peachtree Rd.
#10 - 1700 Howell Mill Road
#11 - 2264 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

Do you have a favorite Waffle House, or better yet a favorite cook in the kitchen? Share the info on Patch!


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