Health Department Closes Ru San's Over Cockroaches

A court citation has been issued for repeat violations.

Ru Sans
Ru Sans
Written by Leslie Johnson, Field Editor for Patch.com

Ru San's in Midtown, which scored a "U" on its most recent health inspection, has been shut down due to a cockroach problem.

WSB reported that the health department made the move earlier this week.

The Georgia Department of Public Health food facility inspection report states that Ru San's "is closed for Imminent health hazard, gross unsanitary occurence (roach infestation). Must correct all violations and effectively eliminate roach infestation. Must pass reinspection and seek approval before opening the restaurant. Court citation issued for repeat violations."

According to the report, violations on the latest inspection included: "Roach infestation in service area inside, under and around prep coolers and around cash registers. Observed dead roaches under prep coolers.  Repeat Violation."

Click on the links below to see the most recent and previous inspection reports on Ru San's:
August 5, 2013 Score: 69, Grade: U 
July 29, 2013 Score: 75, Grade: U 
July 19, 2013 Score: 60, Grade: U 
May 3, 2013 Score: 74, Grade: U 
April 22, 2013 Score: 56, Grade: U
Cedar August 10, 2013 at 08:18 AM
Nasty! To imagine people were eating RAW food there, too!
Mark August 11, 2013 at 11:18 AM
I haven't been to this Ru San's in years. The service and the product went downhill. They should be closed for running a terrible business.


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