Midtown Health Inspection Scores

Patch rounds up some recent health inspection scores for Midtown area establishments.

Here are some recent restaurant health inspection scores performed by the Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness for establishments in and around our community:

Black Bear Tavern
1931 Peachtree Road
Date: 5/24/12
Score: 96

Crossroads Ministries
420 Courtland Street
Date: 6/11/12
Score: 94

Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop
365 14th Street
Date: 6/12/12
Score: 71

Sports Fountain
1544 Piedmont Avenue
Date: 6/12/12
Score: 100

d June 15, 2012 at 02:38 PM
While I know you're not going to go snap new photos of every business you mention, it's kind of sloppy to use old file photos, especially when they aren't the correct location. The photo above is of Jimmy Johns at Metropolis (925-A Peachtree St NE), the 71 grade inspection you mention is for the Jimmy Johns at 365 14th St NW (Home Park/GT.) The Yes Home dates your photo: it closed in March 2011. These are pretty different stores from a food safety perspective: The last three inspections for the Jimmy Johns at Metropolis have resulted in scores of 94 (Feb 2012), 88 (Mar 2011), and 88 (Nov 2009.) The last four inspections for the 14th Street location have been 71 (June 12, 2012), 78 (June 1, 2012), 86 (Feb 2011), and 64 (June 2010.) No, I don't work for Jimmy Johns, or even eat there. It is kind of scary that they (365 14th St) got a poor score in what was likely a surprise inspection (June 1, 2012) and then an even worse score in what was likely the followup, scheduled inspection two weeks later.
Hunt Archbold June 15, 2012 at 02:53 PM
Patch regrets the error and the correct location has now been identified in the photo with the article.


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