Midtown Alliance aids Atlanta's Recycling Efforts

Fifty sidewalk recycling containers along with a 3,000 gallon rainwater cistern are recent area additions to help integrate sustainability throughout Midtown

In support of the Greenprint Midtown sustainability action plan, Midtown Alliance recently had 50 sidewalk recycling containers installed at key locations throughout Midtown’s core district.

Have you seen or used one in an effort to keep Midtown looking clean and green?

Each dark green container is located next to an existing trash can and is clearly marked for recycling paper, glass, aluminum cans, and plastic. 

The City of Atlanta, a key partner in the initiative, collects the recyclables weekly for processing into raw materials for new products.

Since announcing Greenprint Midtown, a community-wide action plan to integrate sustainability throughout Midtown and establish the area as the South’s first urban eco-district, in February, Midtown Alliance has engaged Midtowners in developing a plan focusing on five key areas – water, energy, waste, transportation and greenspace.

Last month, a 3,000 gallon rainwater cistern was installed next to the Midtown Alliance maintenance building near Peachtree and 10th streets, capturing rainwater from the roof. 

This water is being used to irrigate street trees and plantings throughout the district. Collecting and reusing rainwater lessens the effects of storm water runoff, reduces the demand for potable water, and is more cost effective.

Rick D. Day August 10, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Keyword: 'core district' aka Glass Box canyon. Aka Wayne Mock's darling. To hell with the west side. There are only two receptacles on Spring between 17th and North Ave; both at 5th (thanks Tech!). Clubs and businesses are required by code to keep litter picked up in front of their establishments, or face citation and fine. This is the same area where the Tech students, tailgaters and thousands of people walk down Spring to the Tech tunnel at 3rd. I"m pretty sure Selig, our landlord, is a member of the Alliance. How about some help on the West Side, Duke?


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