Midtown Alliance Capital Improvements Update

Midtown Alliance provides an update on various projects underway in Midtown

The Midtown Alliance's Midtown Cityscapes project is in the midst of creating a pedestrian-friendly community. Midtown Alliance, with the financial support of the Midtown Improvement District (MID), has embarked on a multi-year, $82 million public improvements program for ten major corridors, encompassing more than 25 miles of improvements. The goals of Midtown Cityscapes are to improve sidewalk conditions and traffic flow, add lights and trees, create urban parks and green space, and promote pedestrian usage.

To date the streetscape projects has provided:

  • 14 miles of new sidewalks
  • 730 new streetlights installed
  • 700+ shade trees planted
  • 3 new public plazas
  • $21 million invested to leverage more than $430 million in public & private funds

Here is an update on Capital Improvements as supplied by the Midtown Alliance.


West Peachtree Street, Phase II (14th Street to Spring Street) New wider sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, street trees and handicap upgrades have been installed. Georgia Power will be removing wood utility poles along the west side of the street very soon. Maintenance Update: A handful of street trees struggled through the hot summer and will be replaced this winter.

14th Street (West Peachtree to Piedmont) & Crescent Avenue – All pedestrian and traffic-calming improvements are complete. Maintenance Update: The damaged median at Peachtree/14th is scheduled to be repaired in the next 60 days.

Pop-Up Pocket Park – In coordination with Jamestown Properties, the Midtown Alliance is extremely excited to have designed and built a new pocket park across the street from John Marshall Law School at the intersection of 18th and West Peachtree Streets.


South Midtown Pedestrian and Circulation Improvements – Construction is making great progress! This $4 million, multi-phased effort includes intersection upgrades on Ponce de Leon Avenue, North Avenue and Linden Avenue to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety as well as new streetscaping along Ponce de Leon Avenue between Spring Street and Piedmont Avenue. Twelve total intersections will be upgraded as part of the project. Our crews are currently constructing the new median at Juniper/Ponce and handicap upgrades at North/Piedmont. Construction on the “Fox Triangle” plaza is wrapping up and the space is expected to be open to pedestrians in a few weeks with plants and trees due to be installed late in the year.

10th Street Streetscape (Williams Street to Piedmont Avenue) – Crews are currently working on the north side of 10th Street near the Federal Reserve, with plans to complete the corner at Peachtree within the next two weeks. The overall project includes installation of new sidewalks, street trees, pedestrian lighting and handicap upgrades, and is expected to be completed in January 2013.

5th Street Bike Connection We expect to be under construction within 30 days. Arguably one of the City of Atlanta’s first NACTO-compliant bicycle amenity projects, this plan will incorporate a series of bike turn lanes, a new bike pull-off area and cyclist-oriented signal pushbuttons connecting together existing bike lanes on either side of 5th Street at its convergence with West Peachtree Street.

Peachtree Street, Phase III (Peachtree Circle to Peachtree Street bridge) – After being on hold due to utility issues, this project is re-starting within the next 30 days. Last week Georgia Power completed overhead utility relocation near the intersection of Peachtree Circle and work will soon begin on handicap upgrades around that area.

Wireless Traffic Signals – Made possible by a grant from the Department of Energy, new wireless traffic communication devices were recently installed throughout Midtown to increase district-wide signal efficiency and improve traffic management. Testing of the system continues this week and is expected to be fully functional in September.

Midtown Regional Traffic Operations Program – Through a partnership between the Midtown Alliance, the City of Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Transportation, this effort will implement a signal management and timing plan for the 96 signals in the Midtown network. Enabled by a grant of $1 million per year for three years, the project allows for on-call response to traffic operations issues, signal repair, replacement of communications equipment, and implementation of timing strategies. Construction is expected to start within the next few weeks.


Juniper Street – Juniper’s transformation into Midtown’s signature “green street” is funded and under design. Late last year, it was announced that the project would receive a $3.4 million construction grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission. The project will implement a buffered dedicated bike lane, new sidewalks, lighting and sustainable storm water improvements to the entire corridor between 14th Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue. Construction will start in 2013.

10th Street Bridge – As one of the first implementation projects of the Atlanta Connector Project that was completed last year, Midtown and its design team are working with the Georgia Department of Transportation to explore various pedestrian and bicycle enhancements to the bridge. More details soon!

12th Street - Planning for streetscape and transportation improvements along 12th Street to include intersection and circulation issues as well as significant, new pedestrian amenities is underway with our partners at the City of Atlanta. These improvements will ultimately provide a beautiful east-west corridor connection from Williams Street to Piedmont Park and will further enhance the environment currently being transformed by exciting mixed-use projects by Novare and The Daniel Corporation. With conceptual design in process, we hope to make more announcements later in the year.

Spring Street – Our streetscape design team is currently working with the City of Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Transportation to explore various options for improvements on Spring Street, including wider sidewalks, handicap-accessibility upgrades, street trees and pedestrian lighting.

If you have further questions or concerns during this period of construction, contact Shannon Powell of Midtown Alliance at 404-809-2121 or shannon@midtownalliance.org.

John Henderson September 11, 2012 at 08:26 PM
I did not see an update on the corner of ponce de leon and piedmont. The project was started in front of the old BP and abandoned ??
Kevin Green September 11, 2012 at 08:48 PM
John - This is the South Midtown project described above, with streetscapes along Ponce to Piedmont. Trees and landscaping will be completed later in the Fall. Midtown Alliance was down earlier today pulling weeds, etc. Looks much better.


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