New Development on Briarcliff Road?

Minerva, an Atlanta development company, is holding a public meeting at Westminster Church next week about its plans for the address.

Could we see new development near the intersection of Briarcliff and Lavista roads?

Minerva, an Atlanta development company, is holding a meeeting at Westminster Church on Thursday to discuss its plans for the rezoning and development at 2212 Briarcliff Road, according to the LaVista Park Civic Association.

No additional details were given in an email sent out to association members, but it said the meeting would serve as an opportunity for nearby residents to weigh on the proposed development and get educated.

The church is at 1438 Sheridan Road, and the meeting will run from 7:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Don Broussard November 12, 2012 at 02:36 PM
You can thank the Sagamore Hills Civic Association for working out conditions of zoning for the tree save plan and the design of Davis Oaks; to the County Planning Commission (I was a member) who recommended approval with those conditions and to Commissioner Kathy Gannon who got the conditions adopted by the County Commission. The design you (and I) like so much did not happen by Developer Magic. The first plan for the site was a train wreck with the units reversed to the streets and with no architectural standards. But a legal conditions of zoning did NOT stop the county executive branch / development department from failing to enforce three of them: the width of the driveway; a requirement for brick or wood siding on the second floor levels and not stucco; and to fill the ditch along LaVista frontage and install a uniform sidewalk and granite curb. The architects who designed the units were allowed by the "staff" to ignore these legally adopted conditions. The developer, Rick Porter, got some favors. Sagamore had no money to file an appeal to challenge this —since it was already had being sued by the owners of Club Pure for opposing the permits that were so eagerly given to them by DeKalb County (Sagamore and I won that suit and Pure is no more.) Now you know. So who is your expert, Jim Bob? Thanks for making my point for me.
Jim Bobber November 12, 2012 at 03:03 PM
Don, Thanks for making my point for me: that it's entirely possible to redevelop a single-house property into higher density zoning and that not only does the world not end, but everything can work out fine. The people that live in the area are allowed to provide input--as it should be. Is your point that this re-development will be a disaster--unless Don Broussard is onhand to save the day? Gosh Don, it sure looks like you have a commercial interest in pushing this message. That seems to be a recurring theme of your posts.
Don Broussard November 12, 2012 at 04:39 PM
Recurring themes in my posts are that you don't know jack about the examples you throw around; you hide behind a screen name posting snarky comments that do nothing to help this community move forward; and you ignore all the problems of weak planning in DeKalb and Atlanta. You did not respond to a single point I made in the post, the key one being that our community had to work hard with our own architect, planner, and lawyer — to make a good development and even then the County fell short. So I ask: will you be attending the boring meetings about this proposal on Briarcliff to help the neighborhood decide what it wants?— or will you fulfill your civic duty by just posting more BS on the Patch? A commercial theme in my posts? Is that all you got? If I could recover all the fees I've lost doing pro-bono work in DeKalb over the last 15 years, I could put one of your kids through college — assuming you have a kid. And since you want us to follow your advice to redevelop our neighborhoods to your liking, what do YOU do for a living? Or should I ask: what DID you do?
Jim Bobber November 12, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Your posts jump all over the place and make it unclear whether: you want to control all land sales to prevent the buyer from doing something Don does not like, or whether you're most upset about the loss of trees. How is your virtual bravado helping the community move forward? If you feel so strongly about it, perhaps you should be peddling your consulting services to the citizens in that proximity instead of the virtual crowd here. The NDH area is considered far more desirable and in-town than it was 50 years ago. If the re-development is going to cause you this much agony, consider moving to a more rural area. Sometimes trees are cut down. Sometime houses on what used to be sleepy roads that are no longer so sleepy are re-zoned for other uses. My living has no relationship to the development of land in the area or lack thereof.
Tom Doolittle November 12, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Don tells it like it is--always has, with strong opinions and approaches debate with no niceties. It has never surprised me how little credence is given to the fact that the written word in e-mails and on blogs is much less likely to be accurately interpreted than not--especially when a writer doesn't strain to be precise (and "nice") and a reader doesn't strain to understand. If someone Implied that Don Broussard is commercially oriented, that's one of the most hilarious notions I've come across on this website--or at least in instances where civic activities are the subject.


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