Taste the Tropics at The Daiquiri Factory

Take a video tour of the frozen drink heaven

If a tropical vacation isn't in the cards anytime soon, you can still get a little taste of the islands (literally) right here in Midtown.

, which opened in October 2010, is a tiki-style restaurant and bar with a wall of swirling frozen drinks ranging from the standard margarita to the Orgasm (mango flavored) to the Habitual Violator (watermelon) to the Georgia Peach.

Pick your poison, then have it served up by one of the Factory's friendly bartenders in a 10-ounce ($6), 12-ounce ($7) or 16-ounce ($8) cup. And on Tuesdays, get any frozen drink you want in a 9-ounce cup for a measly $3. 

Moderately priced bar fare is on the menu in case you're hungry (or just need to soak up the booze).

Owner Kechia Matadin brought her nightclub expertise (she owns two establishments in Savannah) to Atlanta with the purpose of "bringing the daiquiri back to Atlanta."  

"I went to school here in the '80s and remember going to Fat Tuesday's," she said.  "So I wanted to bring that vibe back." 

Well, we thank you for that, Kechia. Especially those of us in need of a vacation.

Check out the video to get a tour (complete with drinks) of The Daiquiri Factory!


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