Visions for Vacancies: Royal Orchid

What do you want to see in this vacant space? Would improved parking at the Midtown Promenade shopping center help the next tenant?

Welcome to another edition of "Visions for Vacancies," where we visit a local vacant commercial building and ask you what you'd like to see go in that space.

Today, we’re at the Midtown Promenade shopping center and the space that for the last 18 years housed Royal Orchid. That was until last month when the Thai restaurant closed its doors for good.

Don’t concern yourself with things such as setback regulations and other zoning issues the city has to deal with. We want to know that if it were up to you, what would you like to see there? What would be the best use for the community in this space adjacent to and across from ?

And while we’re here, would you like to see some parking improvements come to this anchored shopping center that can at times be a parking nightmare, especially on weekend evenings?

Would you like to see a connection between the Midtown Promenade, which is located near Piedmont Park on Monroe Drive, and the Midtown Place shopping center off Ponce de Leon Avenue where The Home Depot is?

It's unlikely to happen for now, as the two property owners don’t want to be overwhelmed by cut-through motorists looking to avoid the busy Monroe/Ponce intersection. But at this stage, would even a pedestrian staircase on the embankment that separates the two centers help the overall traffic flow?

Help could come via the Atlanta BeltLine someday, as its Master Plan calls for 8th Street to be extended through both properties over to Ponce. Maybe then the two properties could be rebuilt to provide a better fit.

What do you think?

About this column: In highlighting vacant buildings in Midtown, we aim to help residents take a proactive role in planning and building their community. We'll take your feedback to public officials and property owners, to inform their decisions about future uses. Know of a vacant building we should highlight? Email hunt.archbold@patch.com.

Boozy Cougar March 19, 2012 at 06:05 PM
I live on 8th street and this is the LAST thing I want to happen. I say, Hell No! Actually, I forbid it.....
Tamyra March 19, 2012 at 08:31 PM
A pedestrain connection would be real nice, especially when it is raining or is muddy. I hate both parking lots and walking is much better. But we're having to use that muddy path.
Ellen Nemhauser March 20, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Realistically all we can hope for is a stairway to replace to crummy, slippery path. THere are too many political obstacles, most silly, in the way of auto access from one shopping area to the other. Were the obstacles to fall, the situation would be much improved since the areas serve populations at different times of the day. Few people are buying lumber at Home Depot at 10:00 pm but many are at restaurants or movies. On the other hand, the situation is reversed at 10:am.
Hunt Archbold (Editor) March 20, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Does anyone miss Royal Orchid? I know some who loved it and others who thought it was vile. Honestly, I never ate there. I do miss NAM, that closed early last year in the Midtown Promenade center.


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