Crematory Fight Club: Why I Care About This Issue (And You Should, TOO!)

An explanation of why I do what I do - and why I will continue to stand up to the "power structure" I answer to a higher authority ...

It's not a club anyone wants to join. There is no glory in fighting crematories - no corner office with a view, no check will come in the mail, you probably won't win friends and influence people. Well, at least not in the political forum ... with few exceptions. There is nothing to gain, only loss prevention. There's a fairly good chance you will make enemies in powerful places. So why on earth would anyone wake up one morning and decide to devote hours of time and energy to try to stop a crematory from operating near homes and schools? Unless directly affected by one, most people wouldn't give much thought to the matter. 


So what is my motivation? What drives people like me to show up at city council meetings, spend hours on the phone and internet, and fight a seemingly hopeless battle against "good-old-boy" networks who for the most part have already sided with special interests and could care less what we have to say? (I'm not alone - my organization represents 32 community groups in 20 states) Why do I do it?


It has to do with my faith, and the deep conviction I have about DOING THE RIGHT THING - regardless of the fact that it is often inconvenient, unrewarding, (in the material sense) and FLAT-OUT DIFFICULT. 


You see, I believe my Creator has charged me (and you, and the rest of society - His rules apply to ALL) with caring for and protecting those who cannot care for themselves. I don't care what name you choose to call God - one thing all traditions hold in common is that God wants us - in fact, demands - that we take care of His children.


"Even as you have done to the LEAST of these, you have done unto me"


For me, to know what I know and NOT say anything is a crime against the universe. To be aware of the potential for harm to children and NOT stand up and demand that something is done to protect them is WRONG.


"It's always the right time to do the right thing."

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John Henderson January 10, 2013 at 03:10 AM
So many other issues you could focus on that would benefit the community.


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