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Family Best Bets of the Week

Stroll or Stomp into March on this first weekend of the month with these ...

When/Where: Friday at 9 a.m. in . Meet at the park entrance at the corner of 10th and Charles Allen.
Why Go: Oh Baby! Fitness instructor leads this great 45-minute workout in the park and you can bring your baby along with you!
Pricing: Single class price is $18, or buy five remaining classes in the session for $75.


When/Where: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the .
Why Go:  This is the last weekend to catch Magical Moonshine Theatre’s English/Spanish retelling of Native American folk tales at the Center for Puppetry Arts.  
Pricing: $16, includes admission to museum, performance and puppet making workshop.  (On Saturday, the first Saturday of the month, Fulton county residents are eligible for free admission to the museum and an all-inclusive ticket for a performance and workshop at a 25% discount.) 

When/Where: Saturday at 2:15 p.m. on the front porch of . No reservations required.
Why Go: Part of the 7th Annual Phoenix Flies Citywide Celebration of Living Landmarks,  this kid-friendly guided walking tour of the Ansley Park neighborhood will last approximately 90 minutes.
Pricing: Free.


When/Where: Saturday from 2 to 3 p.m. at the .
Why Go: No registration is required for this drop-in family class featuring the flavor vanilla! Children will work with vanilla play dough, dissect a vanilla bean and make a vanilla sundae. You (and children) will learn about the wonderful vanilla orchid.  
Pricing:  $6 per child plus Garden Admission.  $5 per child for members.


When/Where: Wednesday through Sunday at .  
Why Go: Great for children 6 years old and up (some younger children might also be fine with the noise level.)  Be prepared for some Stomp copycatting at home.
Pricing: $19 to $54

Enjoy your weekend!


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