Protesters Blocked on March to Atlantic Station

Security officers prevent people from marching on Wells Fargo.

"Today could be our stand-off," members of Occupy Atlanta shouted as they approached Atlantic Station Wednesday afternoon.

But it wasn't.

Private security officers blocked the group of about 50 people from entering the mixed-use development when they attempted to march on the Wells Fargo building, where 500 bank employees work.

The protesters decided not to break through security and chanted for about 30 minutes before retreating.

"I understand people's frustrations," Mike Donnelly, regional president for Wells Fargo in Atlanta, said at the march. "Everybody has the right to protest. I do support their right to speak their minds and rally."

But, Donnelly said, he wants the public to know: "We're working hard to try to get Atlanta going again ... We are not going to shy away from helping the community."

Occupy Atlanta members have been protesting around Atlanta since early October. The group also conducted a similar march on the .

The protesters currently are staying at the Peachtree-Pine homeless shelter and have said on Saturday , where they camped for 15 days before .


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