Top Ten Last Minute Gifts for Mother's Day

Waiting until the last minute only means you were thinking harder than everyone else

f you're reading this, you're in a club of which no one wants to be a member. The club of those who haven't yet gotten a present for their mom for Mother's Day — which is this Sunday. Never fear, here are 10 quick and easy last minute gift suggestions to steer you away from the Valley of Guilt and Disappointment. 

1. Homemade gift certificates: Grab a pen, some colored paper and start creating gift certificates she can redeem for a lunch, a visit, a shopping trip, a certain number of phone calls, whatever your mother enjoys. Maybe she wants you to weed the garden, throw that in as well.

2. A gesture of love: There are lots of reasons you love your mom. Write some of them on small pieces of paper, fold up the papers and send her a box with the papers inside. She’ll be opening them for hours, stopping to smile as she unfolds each one. Classic.

3. Call her up and sing a silly song: It could be the theme to Sesame Street or a song your family sang while driving on family vacations. Be prepared for a scream if you launch into “99 Bottles of Beer.”

4. Flowers: Predictable? Duh. Lovely? Of course. A good last minute gift idea? Yes. 

5.  Dedicate a book in her honor: Did your mom read to you? Of course she did. Dedicate a book in her honor at the library. This is a great way to show your love, to your mom and to other readers.

6.  Sponsor a dog in your mother’s name: Does your mom have a dog or cat? You can get her another companion friend without actually bringing one home. Sponsors get a certificate when "their" dog is adopted. Make your mom happy while helping dogs, it's a win-win.

7. Chocolates, candies or other sweets: Say no more. This is a quick and easy gift for last minute shoppers. It's a special day, tell her not to worry and have some decadence.

8. Cook something special: If you can't get a reservation at your mom’s favorite restaurant, cook her dinner at your house or maybe just whip up a special treat. 

9. You know Mom best: Is your mom a super cook? Well, maybe get her some high end knives or a trip to her favorite restaurant. Is she a marathoner? How about a fresh new pair of running shoes? Think about it.

10. Give her a memory book: There are many online services that will help you turn those files and folders of photos into books that your mother can show to her less computer savvy friends. This gift may be the best, but is fairly time-consuming and probably won't be ready in time — just include a note in your mom's card. Try a site like Snapfish to get your project underway.   


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