True Colors on National Coming Out Day

Human Rights Campaign-organized National Coming Out Day.is a day of awareness for those who have come out as LGBT - gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

The 42nd Annual Atlanta Pride Festival is set to return to Midtown this weekend and just in time comes today’s Human Rights Campaign-organized National Coming Out Day.

Thursday, October 11, is a day of awareness for those who have come out as LGBT - gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

The theme for National Coming Out Day 2012 is "Come Out. Vote." Many people are taking the opportunity to put the spotlight on next month's Election Day and the fight for full equality for LGBT people. If you want to tell your elected officials to come out for equality, then check out the HRC's National Coming Out Day Facebook app to see how.

A 1987 'March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights' was the inspiration for National Coming Out Day. For one man, author Timothy Kurek, the day represents another important milestone - the release of his new autobiographical book, "The Cross in the Closet", which highlights his own "coming out" - as a heterosexual Christian exploring the LGBT world.

Kurek, who was raised within the confines of a strict, conservative Christian denomination in Nashville, Tenn., had his life change when a friend came out to him as a lesbian, revealing to him that she had been disowned by her family.

Distraught and overcome with questions and doubts about his religious upbringing, Kurek decided the only way to fully understand and empathize with her pain was to walk in the shoes of the very people he had been taught to shun. Even though straight himself, he decided to "come out" as a gay man to everyone in his life - to see for himself how the label of "gay" would impact his life.

In August, Patch ran a profile on a Midtown lesbian singing duo, Bria and Chrissy, who have been scoring Youtube followers with their music videos containing LGBT subject matter intended to entertain and promote equality.

Chrissy Chambers told Patch that she and partner Bria Kam had been encouraged by the number of young gay people reaching out to them for advice about coming out.

“One young girl asked that she questioned her sexuality,” said Chambers. “She said, ‘I feel I might be gay, but don’t want to hurt those around me. What do you think I should do because I don’t even know who to turn to?’ That’s powerful.”

Attached with this article is their cover of the Muppets' classic “Rainbow Connection” to promote LGBT awareness.

So on National Coming Out Day, we’ll conclude by quoting from another song, the Cyndi Lauper hit, “True Colors.”

So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors
Are beautiful like a rainbow 


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