Georgia Power Profits and ‘Red Tapes’ Community Growth

Have you noticed all the construction crews in Sagamore - Are they helping our hurting our community?

Georgia Power is renting its easement that goes though Sagamore Hills to a gas company. This gas company is now tearing up gardens, fences, and landscaping to provide a gas line.

This is Win Win for the Gas Company and GA Power.

The losers are the residents of Druid Hills and Sagamore Hills.

Georgia Power held no meetings, posted no signs, or informed residents what they were doing. Now residents a suffering though having to watch construction driveways being built on top of property lines, drilling starting at 6:30 am, and crews of trucks parking wherever they like.

The photos attached are from this morning (November 15th off of Woodbine). It is a photo of a homeowner talking with the construction workers asking for them to not rip up her lawn and fence that is right on the property line.

There is a crew of 15 men ready to pull up any and everything with no discussion with the homeowners.

On the other side of the coin is the PATH foundation. The PATH is foundation receives money from donors and government bodies to design and build green spaces for a healthy, active, and connect community.

The PATH is building the Beltline, and they have built in Mason Mill Park right across the street on Clairmont.

They are helping out the community by activating dominate / non utilized land at no cost to the community. The community gets to say what they want and they design, permit, and build it.

A few years ago, the PATH asked Georgia Power to create a PATH on their easement to serve Sagamore, but Georgia Power became an advocate for the homeowners all of a sudden.  Stating that they were sorry, but you will need to get physically sign off on every resident before any work is done.  We understand what you are doing, but it’s out of our control.

It is out of GA Power’s control because they will not benefit from helping the community.  But it is in their control when someone was to rip up the land and burry a gas line and pay them rent.  All of a sudden, customers and the neighborhood do not matter.

The PATH tried to connect neighborhoods, provided children a safe alternates to walking near busy roads to get to school, promoted a healthy life style, and raised the values of everyone property.

Go visit Mason Mill Park.  We could have had that.  We could have created an amenity to our community at no cost to the homeowner.  We could have shown perspective homeowners that we care about improving our area.

Instead, Georgia Power has created a construction zone that is destroying sidewalks, congesting our roads, and devaluing our homes.

Thank You, Georgia Power, for looking out for your company, and not looking out for your customers.

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Tammy November 15, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Georgia Power does whatever it wants in this state. They can also push through almost any rate increases they want because they work "closely" with the PSC.
JuliaMcElroy November 16, 2012 at 12:27 AM
The gas company gave a presentation to the Sagamore Civic Association several weeks ago. This is the last leg of a 15-year renovation project to replace a 50-year old pipeline that connects gas to all of Dekalb County. They made it clear that every homeowner on the easement was notified of the construction and that after the line is installed, everything will be replaced. Many at the meeting commented that they did a very nice job in Leafmore re-landscaping after the crews were done. Can you show pictures of that? Yes it's a nuisance, but at some point infrastructure needs to be replaced and that's part of the deal when you buy a house on an easement.
Lucas Roberts November 16, 2012 at 01:46 AM
Julia - I agree 100% that this is a product of living near an easement. But the issue is that only the Sagamore Civic Assoicaition was alerted. I, with other's live within the bounds Clairmont and Briarcliff Roads - and cannot be a part of this group. Therefore, do not get this notice or presentation of what is going to be done. Concerning Leafmore, you seem to have a good location in mind, if you want to shoot me over some photos, I will post them up. All I am saying is, I am a homeowner that cares about my neighbors and community - i just want to see a sign. I've tried to engage the association, and have got no response because my zip code is off. And the second part, was for the push to activate this space for everyone at no cost and all the benefit.


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