Sting's hot yoga bod . . .

How yoga looks so good on Sting

I will have to admit to having a grown, middle-aged (yes, I have finally admitted that I am, indeed, middle-aged. If you missed it, I discovered it with you all in a post here!) crush on Sting. Honestly, look at him! Amazing! He has an amazing yoga body. 

Last night I was invited to see Sting perform. Since I had an early Friday morning boot camp class I almost caved. I'm so glad I didn't! He was so good! Not only did he sound amazing, but he was incredible to watch. He moved so easily around stage and has that lean, strong look of an athlete.  
How about that for yoga?

I had known Sting was a big Yogi and known as an aficionado of yoga, but wanted to look into his background with his practice. He and his wife Trudie practice tantra, Ashtanga and Jivamukti yoga. He said he needed to be fit because constant touring taxes the body. Initially, he was skeptical about yoga, which he thought was nothing but navel-gazing. But as he began practicing, he found that yoga offered many physical and mental benefits. 

When Sting was in his late 30s, he was fit but couldn't do a lot of the Ashtanga poses. That intrigued him and he began to take the practice more seriously. He says he started yoga late, but is certain his regular practice is actually reversing his aging process. In fact, Sting’s entire band performs yoga together before their shows to increase cohesion and team spirit.

Some of the benefits for him can be the same for us. He says it gives him more energy for his daily tasks. He also vouches for the mental and spiritual benefits. He says his goal is to become more liquid, fluid and sinuous. (I'm saying he has reached that goal!) Aging gracefully with good posture is one of his goals, as is mine.  

My own practice has taken a backseat lately. Watching Sting move around energetically and effortlessly gives me a reason to make the time for it again. Sting also mentioned how yoga helped his sex life. Since I consider this a family friendly blog and I can't imagine my boys ever reading anything I've written regarding sex, I'll just stop right there and let you do your own research. 

One great thing about yoga, whatever type you practice, you can do it anywhere, anytime. I took this photo while at the beach recently. We looked out our window and saw this fella going through his poses while balancing on the railing. A perfect example of practicing yoga anywhere!  (Also, I've been waiting for the chance to use this photo!)

Do you have any crazy crush?  Do you practice yoga regularly? What's your favorite benefit?

Fitness instructor and self-professed “fitness nerd” Marla-Deen Brooks is a wife, mother of three boys, three dogs and a leopard gecko. See more from her at Marla-Deen-Fit.net.

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