Things You Shouldn't See When Working Out

A candid review of people behaving badly while working out

Recently I have gone against the intent of this site and let personal stuff creep into the posts. Well, I am getting back on track here as this is supposed to be a healthy living site, not a "share my personal life with everyone" type of blog. So, I am here to share some exercise experiences with you. It reminds me that it takes all kinds in this great big world! In the past couple of weeks I've had some really odd random observations in my workout attempts that leads to 


1. Last week while on the treadmill, minding my own business, headphones in, suffering through some hills and Tabatas, I was almost thrown off the treadmill by this extremely earth shattering BANG followed by a noise I could only describe as a howl. The folks working out next to me also jumped out of their skins and we couldn't help but look around. Some rather large fellow was lifting a ginormous amount of weight, hoisting it over his head, dropping it to the floor and yowling. It was just awful. A friend of mine walked by me and said he sounded as if he was giving birth. I had to agree. We really shouldn't have to experience the sound of grown men giving birth while attempting to lift ridiculously heavy weights. This is a YMCA for crying out loud.

2. While standing in line for the restroom before a hot yoga class, the woman behind me started brushing her teeth. In LINE for the restroom. Just stood there brushing her teeth. Let me stress that we were outside in the hallway, not even inside the restroom with a sink nearby. RIDICULOUS

3. I actually saw someone sip water from the water fountain, swish the water around in his mouth and then spit it back into the fountain. GROSS.

4. Years ago I taught classes at a downtown club where I attended law school. I rarely went to the ladies locker room. For this reason: There was this really old lady who would use the gym (I guess. I never actually saw her anywhere but the ladies locker room) and come to shower in the locker room. She always found a spot in the very middle of the room, lay on her back, completely naked, and proceed to do leg exercises. BUTT NAKED. I'm only telling this because it's been so long ago I know no one can tie me to this particular woman. I can't make this stuff up. 

5. The other day I saw this extremely attractive woman running on the sidewalk. I, of course, was admiring her long legs and stride. That is, I admired her until she stopped at a stoplight, tossed her head and spat out the hugest "lugie" I've ever seen. I think she even beat my boys with that one. EEEWWW. 

Those are the worst I have seen recently. Do these people forget they are in public places? Is there no shame? Can we just blame it on Honey Boo Boo?

P.S. I have one more that isn't that bad, I didn't actually see, but still tickled me. The husband mentioned he had been wearing a pair of black socks he thought must be someone else's. He said they had little sticky dots on the bottom of the socks. Those were my Pilates socks! I had gotten them at Physique57 in New York and loved them! No wonder I couldn't find them! I could just imagine him sticking to the bottom of his shoes and floor walking around.

What's the weirdest thing you've seen? How do you feel about those "grunters?”


Fitness instructor and self-professed “fitness nerd” Marla-Deen Brooks is a wife, mother of three boys, three dogs and a leopard gecko. See more from her at Marla-Deen-Fit.net.

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Bill Palmer September 01, 2012 at 11:30 AM
Before moving to Atlanta, we lived in a lovely apartment/mixed use complex in Pasadena, CA. Hitting the fitness center at 4AM each morning was an important component of our life there. Until a trainer (who did not live there, his customer let him in), started training at that hour, yelling, dropping heavy barbells on the floor, and generally making a lot of noise. Management then locked down the gym until 7AM due to tenant complaints. Ruined my schedule since I had to be on the road by 7. Grrrr
Daniel Stuckey September 01, 2012 at 04:34 PM
In response to rant number one - it's a gym, get over it. Last time I checked, a gym is where people go to preform a variety of excercises which include weight lifting. I have attended several gyms in my life where I've noticed one extreme to another, but the complaint above seems to consistently come from those who seem to sped all their gym time on a stationary, or a treadmill, or an eliptical - inconsiderately causes everyone else to wait or find another exercise to preform. So my first point is: why do you care what other people are doing in the gym? My second point: Didn't I read somewhere above that too much "personal stuff" was creeping into the posts?
another comment September 01, 2012 at 06:14 PM
My personal trainer told me that he walked in on two guys giving/recieving BJ's in the steam room of the now defunct Crunch on Cobb Parkway. He was grossed out and never used the locker room again. Mgmt let this crap go on, yet they kicked me and several other women in our 40's and 50's along with a Delta Captain who complained about the loud Urban filthy Rap music that they played. The official letter's we got for cancelling our memberships were that we were raciest. The true reason is that we were old Crunch members with lifetime memberships who paid from $0-15 per year renewals. They wanted the urban crowd, guess what they don't pay their bills, they aren't what Vinings wants, they went out of business.
H M Barrett September 02, 2012 at 03:29 AM
I go to a 24 hour gym. I enjoy working out late at night. I was in the gym (by myself) when this guy comes in with a McDonald's bag. He proceeds to sit on a weight bench, lay out his big mac and fries and eat while chatting on the phone. I was quite grossed out because not only did the place now smell of fries - not conducive when you're working out - but I could not stop imagining all the butts that had been sitting on and other bodily fluids that were probably on his impromptu table. Put me off McDonald's for a while, which I suppose is a positive. As for comment number one, I'm a heavy lifter at the gym and it annoys me too when guys grunt and make all sort of noise when they are lifting weights they probably shouldn't be lifting. I use sound isolation ear buds and I really shouldn't hear you grunting.


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