TSPLOST Advocates Defy Reality and Reason

TSPLOST advocates are doing and saying everything possible to get you to vote for the tax. The Chambers of Commerce and ARC are destroying their credibility in the process.

Last Thursday AJC editor Kevin Riley moderated a one-hour TSPLOST discussion with Commissioner Steve Brown, Norcross Mayor Bucky Johnson, GA Public Policy Adjunct Scholar Baruch Feigenbaum and Brookings Visiting Fellow Christopher Leinberger.

Bottom line up front: Steve and Baruch dominated the hour with facts, reason, and open questions that the TSPLOST supporters couldn't respond to. Near the beginning, AJC editor Riley looked over and said, "Well it looks like Steve Brown brought his facts again."

The predominant arguments by Bucky and Chris for the tax:
- It took a long time to get the law passed
- It's the first time all ten counties agreed on a large project
- Atlanta will go into an economic death spiral if the referendum isn't passed
- We've got to something
- We have to pass it to show Washington D.C. we're serious about getting matching money
- We have to show everyone else we're competitive with Charlotte, Houston, etc.
- "Hope and change"
- Clark Howard said we should (yes, Bucky literally used this as his summary

Bucky and Chris could not answer Steve's question, "How are we going to afford the recurring costs, especially after the 10 year tax ends?"

Chris alluded to the race issue at one point.

In the same week, CNBC released the results of a new survey of cities that ranks Georgia third in the country in infrastructure and first in workforce. Does this really look like an "economic death spiral"?

Folks, in my 48 years in Atlanta I have never seen such a ridiculous, beyond-all-reason attempt to extort money from us. 

Please help vote down the TSPLOST.

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Melinda Paris July 30, 2012 at 07:55 PM
AND Actually some of that DON'T won't more tax are being branded some kind of villian in this referendum, and yes its disgusting. I'm no different than those that want the tax, I'm a volunteer, community worker, I do a tremendous amount of charitable work for different organizations in the local Atlanta area. So, that argument doesn't fly, that the only people that do good works are the people that want the tax--there is good people doing good things on both sides of this vote. So, if we have heard the lies before, and we are NOW TAKING A STAND, what makes that wrong? I've never taken a stand before, and I think there is alot in the same position, we're tired of it, enough of it..Dang it, we're trying to stay afloat and its NOT the appropriate time for Georgian's TO PAY OUT MORE and its a DIS GRACE to ask our fellow Georgian's, who I remind you all that almost 10% is still unemployed in this state to give more. The un-employed in this state need to be heard and respected at this time. I feel for those families, there is some very sad stories and another area I do charitable work for, those that want to work and have been let go, or hours slashed.
Drewboo July 30, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Melinda, you dont have to twist my words to make a statement. Anyone can read my comments which are clearly stated. I cannot handle your extreme use of CAPITAL LETTERS, and childish remarks to dialogue with you farther. Why I responded to someone picking on my screenname (that should have been a sign of conversational quality), I dont know. So, have at me some more if you have so much time for that, but dont expect any more responses.
Melinda Paris July 31, 2012 at 06:17 AM
I don't twist anyone's words, if they are twisted its because of the way they were written, and of course anyone can read your comments, isn't this a blog? Sorry, if I over used CAPITAL LETTERS, it seemed to get your attention which was the point. Childish remarks, please go back and read how you hinted about people who vote against have something in common with Tea Party and etc, now that's pretty childish, I never expected responses from you or anyone, I simply stated why I couldn't vote YES this time and this isn't our first rodeo on more taxes for projects that seem to never get accomplished, and again I'm mad first for having a special election four months before a Presidential election. I'm not trying to change your mind, but just stating at why I'm fed up with out of control spending/ and I merely suggest to trim the fat, and the waste. I still believe this is not the time to bring more taxes on a state/city/locally when our UNEMPLOYMENT still is on the verge of double digits, and have had not change in months. I'm not having at you or anyone, I just ask everyone to vote, its the American way, exercise your rights, but of course, I hope that most vote NO, as for me and my house, we are TAXED OUT!! You have a blessed week!
Melinda Paris August 02, 2012 at 11:45 AM
T-SPLOST went T-SPLAT. I think there was numerous reasons why: 1. 400 project is a nightmare/and lie after lie from Govenor on down as lied about what they plan to do. 2. Go by any road improvement crew, with orange vest on, and there will be 10 watching and two working. 3. People are sick and tired of picking up the "tab" of more lying politicians. Its been my point from day one, SHOW us something that has gotten completed with more tax bills from the past, they are always continually working on past projects and half the time, they are not completed. The politicans right now have red faces, but get ready by the end of the week I'm sure they are going to began to talk about how stupid all the tax payers are by voting this down, so get ready for the backlash, its coming. I called, emailed all my representatives and ask/pleaded/talked about why this is the wrong time to ask for MORE, but it fell on deaf ears, maybe they will began listening to the majority of the people in their districts, we've been too quiet too long, we are ready to fight for what is right, and taking more and more to waste is not going to work anymore. I have NEVER opposed a added penny tax over the years, and I've never complained so much over what is going on, well-those days are behind me, I have to complain and be a voice for the future. Thanks for all that exercised your right to vote!
Melinda Paris August 03, 2012 at 12:06 PM
I was reading this morning that the folks that wanted this tax to pass spent 15 million dollars on ads and etc, which alot came from private funds, the folks that didn't want this tax passed spent 15,000.00. My point is this small amount money beat big money in this case, so we can never stop fighting for the right things locally, state wise, and Nationally. Thanks to all that made a difference.


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