Coupon Clippers Unite: The Coolest Scoutmob Deals for Midtown

The top five Scoutmob deals of the moment in Midtown.

Speaking as someone from the under 30 crowd, I never thought I would see a time when using coupons would return in vogue, much less to people my own age. And yet, here we are, with companies like Groupon and Scoutmob leading the way in online coupon deals. But while Groupon works by having you pay a little to get the deal, Scoutmob takes it further; you don’t have to pay anything for their coupons.

For anyone not familiar, Scoutmob is an online coupon company that partners with businesses to put out great deals. Not only is saving money awesome but we also get to know trendy new places, and businesses get a chance to draw in new customers. 

In honor of our post-recession newfound love for coupons, here are the top five Scoutmob deals for Midtown. If you’ve got a smart phone, you can download the Scoutmob app to use the coupons easily at any of these places. If not, print the coupons from the website. A final note: Be sure to tip the servers on the original amount, not the discounted amount. It's good karma, and the wait staff will love you for it. 

1) :  50% off, $15 max discount, expires 4/09

bills themselves as a “true boulangerie and pattiserie,” bringing to mind visions of aromatic Parisian bread shops. After you stop inside to pick up their mouthwatering baked goods, you’ll be hard pressed to disagree. Part of the Wholesale Family -- who have brought Atlanta other great gems such as , , and Bookhouse Pub -- Bakeshop takes their promise to provide fresh European-style baked options seriously, baking fresh batches throughout the day. Led by Chef Jonathan St. Hilaire (trained at the French Culinary Institute), Bakeshop offers superb options anytime of the day. Grab any one of their pastries and a coffee in the morning if you need breakfast on the go, or stop in for a nice lunch and have their roasted pork Panini “bahn mi style,” which includes pickled jalapenos and Asian slaw. If you use your Scoutmob and you find yourself jonesing for some more of the amazing breads and pastries, don’t worry. You can enjoy their goods at many of the other Wholesale Family establishments. 

2) Spoon:  50% off, $15 max discount, expires 4/21

When it comes to good Thai, Spoon is really some of the best in the city. Located just across from Georgia Tech’s west side of campus, next to the , Spoon does delicious Thai with fresh ingredients in an awesome space. Spoon is run by the Suteeluxnaporn family: Chef Aim works off of her mother’s own recipes, her sister Sujaree runs the front and Wind takes care of the bar. The whole family is straight from Bangkok, which means whatever you order off the menu is authentic and utterly delicious. Each curry dish on the menu is to die for (my personal favorite being the massamun curry). You shouldn’t leave without trying some of the chicken satay either. After you’ve used your Scoutmob in Midtown, be sure to check out their new location over in East Atlanta on Moreland Avenue.

3) :  50% off, $100 max discount, expires 4/06

This Scoutmob is for all the ladies out there … and any guy that wants a quality haircut at a salon that knows what it’s doing. If you needed to get a sleek new do or maybe some new color for your hair, now is the time. Making its home in the ultra-hip White Provisions building, Dragonfly is regularly referred to as one of the best, most chic salons in the city. Headed up by the power duo Kyoko Akins and Chaz Anderson, Dragonfly is home to 12 highly professional stylists, many of whom have been working in the industry for 10 to 20 years. One stylist in particular, Max, is considered one of Atlanta’s top stylists. In addition to training in London and Paris, he’s been the stylist for celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Paris Hilton and even Queen Rania of Jordan. The rumor is that if you get your hair done at Dragonfly that you may never be able to get it done anywhere else again. They are just that good. Besides all the compliments that you are sure to get on your killer new do, you’ll be able to drop little phrases like “Oh, this new look? Yeah, my new stylist is fantastic. He also does work for the Queen of Jordan. You should check them out.” Go ahead and book an appointment now. You can thank us later. A quick note, the Scoutmob is good for anything from just a cut to the whole shebang, but excludes any products you might want to buy after your styling.

4) :  50% off, $15 max discount, expires 3/20

Publik Draft House, fronted by the same group that owns down the street, seeks to capitalize on its fantastic location next to . Publik has a cool, urban/industrial feel inside with its exposed brick and old signs, making it miles above the sleek but overdone ‘clubby’ interior of Bazaar which used to occupy the space. Marking itself as a gastropub, Publik goes a step further than being just a run of the mill pub with tasty eats. The menu consists of several awesome southern-inspired pub food offerings. Try their crab and sweet corn fritters or the steak and caramelized onions crostoni for a light bite. If you’re feeling hungrier, grab a tasty lamb burgers or some of their killer Sweetwater Brown Ale battered fish and chips. In addition to a great menu, Publik Draft House has more than got you covered on the libations side. In addition to their extensive beer selection, including many local beers and other cheap offerings, they have a fantastic, seasonally-inspired prohibition era cocktail list, and even the legendary liquor Absinthe is available. Use your Scoutmob at Publik Draft House the same day something cool is showing at The Fox.  That way you can make it your after-show cocktail stop.

5) :  50% off, $20 max discount, expires 3/17

is another fantastic restaurant that serves fresh, seasonal local food. Headed up by Chef Betsy Pitts, former sous chef at , Urban pL8 is committed to serving healthy and sustainable dishes that taste awesome as well. Stop in for brunch on a Sunday and try their huevos rancheros, made with farm fresh eggs, or a stack of their delectable organic buttermilk oatmeal pancakes. Don’t forget to wash it all down with their $10 bottomless mimosas. Their regular menu offers stellar choices for the health conscious, flavor-loving foodies of Midtown. The Vietnamese grilled chicken wraps are so good you’ll think you got them off a street cart in Hanoi, while the red curry pan-seared tofu is so darn tasty that even non-tofu lovers will be coming after the dish. If you still want more, ask about their catering options. Maybe you can get them to cater lunch for your office one day!

Muhammad Noman February 19, 2011 at 07:30 AM
Groupon is really doing the job......I am amazed to see groupon to being so successful and actually i am also a user of groupon i passes over http://grouponbot.com on the net some 2 years ago when this service was launched and from that time i was thinking that someday this site will gain the reputation of facebook and simmilar sites. It offers cool, i mean awesome national deals everywhere especially for the people everywhere in the world who seem to be discount hunters or discount lovers!
Natalie February 25, 2011 at 01:58 PM
I think Groupon would be great...if it wasn't for Scout Mob. Paying for coupons used to be the thing to do. Great deals. However, now with the advent of Scout Mob, I think paying for coupons seems sooooo 2008.


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