Patio Crawl: Midtown's Best Patios for a Drink

Midtown's Top 5 Patio Bars

Atlanta is no stranger to extreme weather. Between the oppressive heat of our long summers and the often brutal cold of our winters, it may seem we never get a break from harsh temperatures. So when Atlantans do get to experience some truly balmy, beautiful weather, we know how to take advantage of it  -- living it up outdoors.

This year, we have been treated to an early spring, with temperatures sticking in the mid 60s for the better part of two weeks. Midtowners have flocked outside, filling up Piedmont Park and lounging on porches. Before this spring weather retreats and we get that one last blast of winter, here is a list of the best patio bars in Midtown to enjoy a beautiful day:

1) : Located on Juniper, is the perfect illustration of the dichotomy between old and new Atlanta in Midtown. Einstein’s is an Atlanta establishment, located in two 1920s bungalows across the street from the sleek, towering skyscraper that hosts . Einstein’s doesn’t seem to be phased by the coming encroachment of the Midtown skyline and proudly holds its ground. And if the number of diehard customers that enjoy Einstein’s is any indication, the neighborhood is behind them. Einstein’s gigantic, tree-shaded patio is the perfect place to spend an afternoon, and their Sunday brunch is a thing of legends. Try delicious cocktails like their peach tea, or hit up the bloody mary bar and enjoy a nice afternoon sipping drinks and chatting with your friends.

2) : If you look up a definition of "goldmine" in the dictionary, chances are you’ll see a picture of . Located at the edge of , with the beautiful Midtown skyline standing across from it, Park Tavern might have best real estate in the city. Park Tavern has a sprawling patio that has been recently renovated to include a fire pit and more paved areas versus gravel. Throw in their large tables, numerous cabanas and one seriously killer view, and you’ve got one of the best patios in Midtown. Try some of their homebrewed beer or order something off the sushi menu.

3) : Quattro is another restaurant blessed with an awesome location. Located on the west side of right next to the park’s 12th Street entrance, Quattro has a beautiful patio where you can stop by for a nice, leisurely lunch or a couple of cocktails before wandering into the park for an afternoon stroll. The food at Quattro is classic Italian. Their pizzas are made fresh and their paninis are an excellent choice for a quick, cheap lunch. Their drink menu includes several inventive and tasty cocktails just waiting to be sipped on a Saturday afternoon. Try the "thai me up" cocktail, which is a Southeast Asian take on the Mojito. The drinks contains a mix of coconut and mango rums with muddled basil, sugar, limes and soda water.

4) : Front Page News’ Crescent Avenue location is well known for fun. Their business model is built off the idea of bringing the kinds of rollicking good times that one finds in New Orleans. Front Page News’ outside patio is a glorious oasis from the street. It's lined with beautiful trees, features a gorgeous fountain in the middle and is set up with fans to keep everyone cool. Sitting on the patio will make you feel like you’re in the French Quarter. And Front Page News has some pretty good grub. So grab an Abita, order some of their awesome sliders, stake out a spot on the patio and let the bon temps roule.

5) : One of the newest restaurants to hit West Midtown, further cements our neighborhood as the coolest spot in the city. Bocado has an open feel that is complemented nicely by the two patios it has. Its interior is equally as impressive, featuring a cool "communal" table in the center of the space, which they say is meant to reflect the restaurant’s dedication to sustainability. Bacado’s patio, one of the other main draws, has the feel of an old southern porch, yet it sits low right on the street so you can watch life roll by as you sit back with your cocktail. Be sure to grab a bite to eat as the food featured at Bocado is out of this world. All their items are fresh and seasonal, making for a tasty meal, no matter what you order. 


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