Romney Locks Up Nomination – So Who Will be the VP Pick?

It’s finally official, Mitt Romney has secured enough delegates to give him the Republican nomination for president. So who do you think should be his VP pick?

Beginning today, we're going to periodically ask a question of the day here at Midtown Patch. We'll start with a question concerning GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

After all these months of running, The Boston Globe reported that with his Texas Primary win on May 30, Romney secured enough delegates to lock up the Republican nomination. It's pretty much a certainty now that Romney will be the one to challenge President Barack Obama in November.

Up until now, Romney has been coy about naming his vice presidential pick, saying he hasn’t yet locked up the nomination. Well, he can’t say that anymore.

For his sake, hopefully he’s more careful with his selection than his campaign was when they rolled out his new app this week called “A Better Amercia.”

Ouch! The typo in the app called “I’m with Mitt” garnered more attention on its debut Tuesday than the app itself. The mistake was corrected the next day.

So who do you think will be Romney's running mate in November? Who would you pick if the choice was up to you, and why?


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