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Call to 'STAND UP' for Grady Cluster

Parents for seven Grady cluster schools call for neighborhood togetherness during the final weeks of the APS redistricting process, including at this week's SRT-3 community meeting.

The following letter was posted on an APS redistricting on Sunday, March 18.

An open letter to our friends and neighbors at , Hope-Hill Elementary, , , , and s.

Dear Grady Cluster parents,

We are running out of time to unite our voices and impress upon Superintendent Erroll Davis and the Board of Education the highest priorities that many of us within the newly formed Grady Cluster share. We are strongest together and we need strength and unity NOW to keep our voices ringing in the ears of the Superintendent and Board Members as they debate the final recommendations for the redistricting of our school system.

In support of this goal, can we, as stakeholders in the renewed Grady Cluster literally STAND UP in front of Superintendent Davis at the SRT-3 community meeting on Wednesday March 21st in support of these priorities;

1.Inman Middle School IS the answer for a temporary solution for the capacity issues in our cluster. The academic benefit of an on-site annex is our highest priority for a short-term solution.

2.Inman Middle School IS our preferred answer for a long-term solution to the middle school capacity issues in our cluster and we ask for an exhaustive vetting of the possibilities for expansion at Inman.

3.We support Superintendent Davis' vision for five elementary feeder schools in the Grady cluster; Centennial Place, Hope-Hill, Mary Lin, Morningside and Springdale Park.

4.SPLOST funds are necessary to maintain the success that the Grady cluster has worked so hard to achieve.

5.APS must invest in the children of Hope-Hill Elementary by providing supplemental operating, instructional and administrative resources. Specifically, APS should maintain the present population at Hope-Hill but increase their funding to the equivalent of a fully enrolled school of 450 students. APS should not attempt to achieve this goal by shifting additional Title I students from Cook to Hope-Hill.

As authors of this letter, we plan to stand together with all of you and ask Superintendent Davis to hear our collective voices. When we approach the microphone on Wednesday, we encourage you to STAND UP FOR INMAN as a statement of unity in support of these priorities. We will be handing out buttons to those who plan to stand with us. Thank you so much for joining us in this effort to maintain the excellence of the Grady cluster.


Erica Lancaster, Grady parent
Laurie Mullig, Inman parent
Kathy Boehmer, Centennial Place and Inman parent
Tom Hills, Old Fourth Ward parent
Kate Sandhaus, Mary Lin parent
Amy Streelman, Morningside parent
Heather Hallett, SPARK parent
David Rein, SPARK parent and Big Tent moderator

Earl Williamson, RN March 19, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Can any of the signatories please explain the rationale for diverting tens of millions of dollars in funds that could improve educational outcomes for ALL of Atlanta's public school students in order to fund fiscally irresponsible new construction for only a few when immediately available capacity for 600 to 800 is only a few miles distant? We get that you have some weird irrationality about south of Dekalb but that should be immaterial to a conversation that should be driven by a critical need for fiscally and geographically responsible delivery of public education throughout Atlanta in an equitable manner. "Me First" is what got us here.


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