Local WNBA Star Indicted for Attacking Ex-Girlfriend

Chamique Holdsclaw of Smyrna faces charges for an incident on Atlanta's westside in November.

A Fulton County Grand Jury returned an indictment against former WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw, on Wednesday for her role in an assault case which occurred on November 17, 2012.

Holdsclaw, 35, of Smyrna, faces six charges according to the office of District Attorney Paul Howard:

-2 counts of aggravated assault
-Criminal damage in the first degree
-2 counts of criminal damage in the second degree, and
-Possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony

A court date has yet to be set. Holdsclaw faces up to 65 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

The victim in this incident was also a former WNBA player and someone who is described as being the ex-girlfriend of Holdsclaw. Jennifer Lacy, 29, told police officers that Holdsclaw smashed her vehicle’s windows with a baseball bat and also fired a gunshot inside the vehicle while Lacy was in an SUV parked on a Midtown street.

Earlier reporting by Midtown Patch describes the victim's accusations. Lacy told police officers that she noticed Holdsclaw following her, so she called a friend in Midtown and stopped at her house. As she parked, Holdsclaw also parked and then jumped out of her car and began hitting Lacy's vehicle with a bat. Lacy also states that Holdsclaw pulled out a gun and fired a shot into the car. Police did recover a 9mm shell casing nearby.

In November, Midtown Patch also reported how the 12-year veteran of the WNBA, Chamique Holdsclaw, has written a book where she talks about dealing with depression and attempting suicide.

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Henry Pistus February 28, 2013 at 09:42 PM
Dyke Drama
Archy Techt March 01, 2013 at 01:21 PM
Looks like Roddy White.
Moochelle Obama March 03, 2013 at 05:04 PM
What a scary 'Man-Ster". She must be the "top", masculine role in the gay relationship, with her bottom girlfriend probably much more feminine and perhaps even attractive.


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