Midtown Ponce Security Alliance Patrol Activity - December 2013

The MPSA has served the Midtown community since 2003 as a non-profit task force

The following is a brief report from the MPSA detailing the number of calls they responded to in the month of December.  It can give you an idea of how busy they were, and also how valuable a resource they can be to members of their organization

For the closing month of 2013, your patrol logged 140 hours, during which they handled or assisted with 19 calls to 911, took an additional 8 calls directly from members via the patrol hotline, and made 2 arrests. 19 members made use of the out-of-town patrol checks.

Highlights from the patrol logs
  • Members should advise/warn contractors working on their house/property to secure their vehicles to guard against theft. Sgt. Cooper found a plumber's truck wide open on 5th Street, with tools and all sorts of parts there for the taking, and spoke to the plumber who had no idea of the problems the area is facing.
  • All City of Atlanta residents need to register their alarm systems with The City of Atlanta or face a fine.
  • Sgt. Cooper noted that the theft of packages delivered by UPS and FedEx slowed down this holiday season.
  • The Ponce Hotel has a new owner and renovations of the first floor have started.
  • Sgt Cooper noted that a member restaurant in the service area (Eats) recently experienced an uptick in car break-ins during lunchtime.  Key contacts at APD was notified of the problem and have been working  with Sgt. Cooper on the problem.
  • Sgt. Cooper placed several five-day stickers on abandoned cars in the neighborhood.  All were removed, and no tows were required.
  • 12/19/2013 - Sgt. Cooper attended a court hearing with a crime victim of a major incident at her request.
  • 12/20/2013 - Officer Powell responded to a shooting call at Parkway and North Avenue.


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