MPSA Gives Their 2013 Prison, Parole, (Who's Back on the Streets) Report

Will the burglary perp known to be one of the "Three Burglateers" caught with the help of Sgt. Cooper, be back on Midtown's streets?

Reports like these are powerful.  It can be very disheartening and scary for victims to see their perpetrators released, but reports like this also show why there is such a need to be diligent in keeping the safety of our neighborhoods a priority. 

According to the MPSA article that we re-posted below, the group "conducted a comprehensive audit of nearly 360 individuals on our watchlist, and found quite a few in prison. Some have recently been released."  

MPSA says, "the take-away is that these are the kinds of criminals ​appearing in our neighborhood and our watchlist, (and highlights) the many reasons that we need a patrol."

Read the Full MPSA article below and make sure to visit their website for more.

We have ​highlight​ed​ a handful of them below, but you can view the full report here. The scary part is that the 44 offenders in the report comprise only a minority of the 360 on our main watchlist. And of course the watchlist consists only of those we know about. Except for an additional 35 or so currently in the Fulton County jail (separate from this report), and about 40 or so who are deceased or clearly inactive, the majority of them remain unincarcerated criminals and are active somewhere underscoring the need for Midtowners to maintain support for our patrol. 
  • #040 - Kenneth Lamb: A psychopathic individual noted for menacing people in the community. He previously served 20 years for rape, only to go on to a li ​fe of street drugs. He maxed out of prison on December 13, 2013 for a terroristic threats charge, and three days later he was booked into the Fulton County jail for a probation violation. He remains in the Fulton County jail, and but we still need to watch his case closely.
  • #062 - William Jeffrey REESE: In April 2008 Jeff Reese burglarized a home on Greenwood Avenue, and then was busted the next day as he b ​urglarized a home in Brookhaven. He was given a ten year sentence running until 2018, but was paroled in September 2013. Before too long he was loitering again among the drug culture at Ponce & Boulevard. He was arrested for forgery, and booked into the Fulton County jail. He was given time served on the forgery charge, and Fulton County jail records show that he was handed over to the Department of Corrections. Prison records have not yet been updated, but hopefully we can forget about him at least until his max date of 2018. 
  • #088 Jessie SANDERS: Jessie Williams, also known as Jessie Sanders, was caught breaking into a car on Nov. 11, 2013. In 2012 a pattern of chronic car break-ins developed at a member business on Ponce. We monitored the location closely, studied the pattern, staked out, and determined a time frame in which the perp struck, and identified the person to watch from that point on. Finally he was caught red-handed. He was given a sentence of five years - three years to serve, followed by two years probation. He was also doing odd-jobs for a business on Ponce, but this business will not take him back should he be released from jail. In the week between Christmas and New Years the Department of Corrections swooped into the Fulton County jail and hauled Sanders off to Coastal State Prison near Savannah. He has a max date of November 2016, and we will monitor his tentative parole date (currently no decision).
  • #163 - Timothy KOZAK: Major burglary perp among the "Three Burglateers" caught with the help of Sgt. Cooper. He was tied to numerous burglaries in Midtown and Virginia Highland. He was also a known street hustler and loitered chronically in the Ponce & Boulevard area for drug-related purposes. According to street people, he is among the very worst characters among the drug and street criminal culture. So far we have been able to avert an early release for this offender - MPSA sent parole opposition to avert a November 2013 release for sentence maxing out in 2018.
  • #209 – Heather WHITFIELD aka "Trinity":  On parole - Heather Whitfield, known as "Trinity" on the street, was a significant drug trafficker living in the 529 Ponce building, and was also notorious for trafficking stolen goods. Stories on the street about her lead us to liken her to Griselda Blanco​ on a small Ponce scale. A BOLO was put out for her in August 2009, and she was later found living in Dekalb County, where she was convicted of drug trafficking and sent to prison. She was paroled in December 2013, but her full sentence maxes out in August 2015. Parole board records list her as living in Suwanee.
  • #213 - Daniel Lee HOLT: In March 2011 Holt burglarized a residence in Midtown, and was identified through security footage on a neighbor's home security camera. He had been seen hanging around suspiciously in the area in the days leading up to the event. He already had priors for theft and drug offenses. He maxes out of prison in March 2014.
  • #221 – Vincent RUTLEDGE: In 2010 he ​very menacingly accosted a woman and her child as she was getting into the car. This guy reached into the car and touched the little girl. Both were frightened by this dangerous man. After a short stay in FC, he was released again and re-offended over and over again. He raked in 22 bookings in Fulton County alone. Then he went over to Dekalb County to rob and kidnap someone. They sent him away for life.
  • #325 - Jeffrey DILLS:  On parole - Dills came under our radar in 2009 as a result of hanging out in the Ponce & Boulevard ​area ​among the drug culture. He has a very long arrest history in Fulton County and other places dating back to at least 1994. Cases for theft, forgery, and drug activity have also been found in Dekalb and Gwinnett Counties, and has served three prison stints in Georgia alone. Businesses on Ponce have observed him in a drunken state. He was paroled in 2013, and since then he has been seen chronically loitering in druggie hang-outs like the Ponce Hotel and in front of KROGER/Ford Facory Lofts. Wears a red coat with orange hoodie underneath on cold days. He was arrested this week for a parole violation, and is good until December 2015 if they fully revoke his parole.
The rest of the 44 from the prison & parole list are listed at the full report. The mugshots for these offenders are at the web version of this post, and in the report itself. The report also uses coding which sheds insights on how we assess the criminals coming around our neighborhood.
Herp Derp March 10, 2014 at 01:38 AM
These people above are the least of or worries in the big picture. First off -LOL acting as if it's a total danger and harm to lives if people are stealing junk. Only in America do the majority think that real capitalism and private property exist lmao (it hasn't in quite sometime please refresh) has anyone in America thought in their square and programmed brains "why do people turn out like this?" No, instead you waste tax money to banish them and take out time to jerk yourselves off in an article over a minor victory. Yay, you got some petty thieves in jail and the people on Wall Street can run loose to rip off more people! The government can bomb other countries and our president can imprison us without a fair trial too. But thank god "your property" is ok! Ty justice system you've served your true masters well and let them run free.


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