Pair Arrested in Midtown Neighborhood Armed Robbery

Victim chases after and catches suspect before police arrive on scene

An armed pedestrian robbery in Midtown late Tuesday evening resulted in the arrest of two suspects.

According to the Atlanta Police, two male victims departed shortly after 11 p.m. and began walking east on 10th Street before turning south on Charles Allen Drive. The victims said they noticed a newer modeled white mini van pass them slowly and then saw two men emerge from the van.

Near 952 Charles Allen, the suspects, including one dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask, approached the victims. The suspect in the ski mask produced a handgun that he pointed at one of the victim’s head.

The suspects robbed the men of their belongings, including an iPhone, and then fled on foot south towards 8th Street. One of the victims pursued the suspects while the other victim flagged down an APD patrol car and described the white van.

The white Dodge Caravan with a Florida tag was later stopped by APD officers at 180 Ponce de Leon Avenue, where Shermaine Caison, 24, of Ellenwood, Ga., was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

Meanwhile, the two suspects that were fleeing on foot split up as one of the victims provided chase. The victim eventually caught the unarmed suspect and was in a physical altercation with him on 8th Street when an APD officer arrived on scene.

Antonio Allen, 18, of Ellenwood, Ga., was arrested and charged with armed robbery. The third suspect was last seen running down Vedado Way toward Greenwood Avenue.

Ms. September 06, 2012 at 06:48 PM
Exactly Chris. I'm a regular rider of MARTA, and I OFTEN see very young looking women with 2-3 kids in tow, and the way they speak to their children and carry them around by one arm is disturbing. On one hand it completely angers me, and on the other, you know that's how they grew up, and it's the only way they know. I got on the 36 Sunday, a young man with 3 small children, had a bag with a pit bull puppy sleeping in it. He told everyone who got on the bus that he needed to sell the puppy because he and his children were about to get evicted. I don't know how you even begin to go about stopping the trend of having as many children as you possibly can, at such an early age. The crime is only going to get worse because of our dropout rates. I do however have the opinion, that upping welfare and food stamps is an incentive to people to have more children than they need. How do you get people to care about their own future?
Chris H September 06, 2012 at 07:24 PM
Why is it the poorer you are the more kids you seem to have? My wife and I live in the city and do pretty well. We are about to have our first kid and going over the costs it has been a real eye opener just what having a kid costs. I can't imagine multiplying that expense 2 or 3 times and be broke! These thugs should be stealing condoms, not cell phones!
Sara Van Beck September 08, 2012 at 01:05 PM
The reason to have more kids is that you get more $$. If the feds and states re-structured the welfare system so you got less $$ for every additional child, so the 3rd kid netted you less than the 2nd, etc., there wouldn't be a reason to have kids to get $. I've yet to figure out why the Republican party hasn't seized on that. Sorta like the bad old days when poor white farmers and white immigrant factory workers had scads of kids in order to send them to work at age 6. More kids, more $$. If yer kids don't earn you money/aren't a revenue stream, you won't have so many. Sorta like the drug trade and prostitution - no customers, no market.
David September 08, 2012 at 07:50 PM
Chris, I believe Patch's comment was made with a hint of sarcasm given the periodic comments over the past 25-30 years from political leaders in surrounding counties disparaging Marta as a potential source of increased crime in their areas.
Brett September 13, 2012 at 01:28 PM
Good point Sara, but the Republican party can't seize on it as it would be considered racist. Much in the same way as it's apparently racist to expect people to learn to read, write, and speak English instead of ebonics. Although many inner city schools are turning out kids with absolutely no qualifications to do anything but serve fast food or sell crack, it's racial profiling to say so. Fathering babies they don't take care of with multiple women is the norm in that culture. As is living off the tax payers in one way or another through government assistance or prison. I am not a racist myself and have close (and highly successful) black friends that agree with me. These are simply facts. The government can't fix this on it's own. This segment of the black community has to change it's culture before they will even have a chance to lead productive and meaningful lives. Until then, they really have no option but to take what they can get from the government and prey on the rest of us.


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