Westside Crime Blotter: Trying to Punch Cops Frowned Upon

Woman allegedly in possession of marijuana refuses to go peacefully when being placed under arrest.

Atlanta police cruiser. Credit: Hunt Archbold
Atlanta police cruiser. Credit: Hunt Archbold
Editor’s note: The items in this blotter are taken from actual Atlanta Police Department reports from this month and edited for publication.

A pair of police officers were riding slowly in a marked car through the Home Park neighborhood when they smelled burning marijuana coming from a car parked on Calhoun Street. After stopping to investigate, the officers noticed the male in the driver’s seat and the female in the passenger’s seat attempting to conceal a small bag and container of the suspected drug.

After asking them both to exit the vehicle, the officers located a red M&M container with marijuana in the middle console. As one of the officers told the female to place her hands behind her back, she responded by backing away and then attempting to run away. When the officer grabbed her arm, he reported that the woman “turned towards me and with a closed fist swung at me.”

As she continued to struggle, both officers took her to the muddy ground in attempt to make an arrest. The report notes that others who had gathered were “yelling to her, ‘what are you doing? Just put your hands behind your back and calm down.”

The bag of marijuana and a grinder were also discovered in the vehicle and both occupants were arrested.


Take Your Keys with You

While making an early morning delivery to the Firehouse Subs located at 537 10th Street, a man parked his truck at the business and left the keys inside. While talking with an employee, the man told police he saw the vehicle leave the premises with an unknown person(s) inside.

The man reported that “there was produce, along with eggs and milk loaded on the truck and that the rear door was open and that he was concerned that the items might fall out of the rear.”     

Police placed the vehicle in its data bank system as stolen.


Cracking Down on Panhandling

A man was observed in the roadway of 14th Street and I-75/85 Connector maneuvering on foot from vehicle to vehicle while they were stopped at the traffic light of the intersection. When asked by police what he was doing, the man responded that he was homeless and was asking for directions to Augusta where his brother lived.

Based on the officer’s observations, the man was placed under arrest for pedestrian solicitation and transported to the Atlanta City Jail.


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