Atlanta BeltLine Implementation Plan Study Group Meets Monday

Monday evening's meeting on the westside is an opportunity to provide your input on how the Atlanta BeltLine should move forward with the rest of the project.

The massive, comprehensive Atlanta BeltLine project touches more than 45 neighborhoods and a great deal of work has been accomplished in the past six years. Still, there is much more to do, including answering important questions about how to build the rest of the project.

The BeltLine is requesting your help to inform the priorities of the project moving forward. Upcoming study group meetings, including one on Monday evening on the westside, are opportunities to hear about how BeltLine organizers are shaping this plan, and what criteria will use to prioritize projects.

Most importantly, it is an opportunity to provide your input. Attend one of these upcoming study group meetings to learn more. All meetings begin at 6:30 p.m.:

Other plnned meetings:

Earlier this month, more than 80 residents representing varying communities, interests and backgrounds gathered at Central United Methodist Church near the westside to learn about the next steps for the BeltLine. The Implementation Plan is a 20-year plan in five year increments that will serve as a long range strategic plan. It will evaluate and prioritize the project’s core components, which include transit, trails and parks.

The purpose of this series of public meetings is to provide understanding of how the plan will be developed, discuss how the public’s input will be incorporated, and share insight into how the decision-making process will be made based on a host of prioritized project criteria.

ABI’s Chief Operating Officer, Lisa Gordon, opened the Nov. 15 meeting and provided a brief introduction of the project team, led by Perkins+Will, along with the Collaborative Firm. Beth McMillan, ABI Director of Community Engagement, facilitated the presentation and provided an overview and history of the Atlanta BeltLine from conception to date, identified stakeholders, shared how previous studies fit into the current process, what the implementation plan means, and the purpose for the meeting. Michael Hightower of The Collaborative Firm explained the approach, process and outcomes. There was a breakout session where attendees were asked to review and rank project criteria, followed by a criteria input and suggestion sessions.

Two notable feedback items including adding potential ridership as a criteria for trails (much like studies are done for transit) and factoring in the level of blight in an area when gauging the potential for redevelopment.

Presently, the BeltLine is in phase two of the six-phase approach to the Implementation Plan development which involves citywide meetings and study group meetings.

- The Atlanta BeltLine contributed to this report


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