GOP History Lesson to the Faithful

Timothy Johnson of the Frederick Douglass Foundation reminds local republican group of some GOP history and the role it played in helping end slavery

Here is the second of two videos from the Atlanta Young Republicans recent meeting at the westside's 5 Seasons Restaurant & Brewery.

Timothy Johnson of the Frederick Douglass Foundation spoke to more than a dozen local Republicans about ways their party could help beat President Barack Obama in the upcoming election.

Though there was not too much excitement shown for their candidate Mitt Romney, the room was alive when focused on beating Obama.

Johnson's message was a clearly focused on getting young people comfortable in their own skin. Telling them to be confident as they speak of the Republican party and its ideals. He and his organization go around the country teaching some of the long forgotten history of the Republican party and its major role it played in ending slavery.

Part 1 can be seen here if you missed it.


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