Readers' Choice: Best Staycations

Spring time means play time, so where are you headed?

Whether your single, married or have children, spring is the time when many families (and friends) look to cut loose a bit.

It's warm, it's sunny, so why wouldn't you want to take a vacation and get away from the daily grind of normal life.

However, many families choose to stay close to home -- for a number of reasons, so this week our Readers' Choice poll is about staycation spots.

We've gathered a few choices for you in the area. Please take a second and vote for your favorite place, and then tell us in the comment section why its your choice.

The winner gets recognition on Patch, as well as a certificate.

Where would you go for a quick back-yard getaway or fun-filled day? Here are your choices:

  • (Besides the park grounds, there are several overnight accommodations there for all members of your family to havea good time.)
  • (About half an hour's drive away, Lake Lanier offers aquatic fun, recreation and accommodations.)
  • (Right next door in Lilburn, this attraction offers family fun for a reasonable price.)
  • (The museum is housed inside of a 1830s seminary, and it is on the National Register of Historic Places.)
  • (If you're a member, this could be the perfect local spot to have fun golfing and relaxing with friends.)

Voting ends at 9 a.m. Friday morning, May 4. We'll announce the winner at noon that day.

See the pdf in the photos to read the rules of the contest.

Bruce Johnson May 07, 2012 at 01:29 PM
The biggest hotel in Gwinnett would be a great place for a "staycation". The Gwinnett Place Marriott on Pleasant Hill Rd. has it all........restaurants, lounge, room service, indoor/outdoor pool and close to all that Gwinnett has to offer!
Beth Elam May 07, 2012 at 07:11 PM
These are all great places, but one thing I like to do with my family is explore history by going to some of the antique malls in the area. There are 3 on Hwy 78 between Henry Clower and Killian Hill; Unique Treasures, Ally's Attic, and the new one- Margins in New London Shopping Center behind McDonalds at Henry Clower. These are the perfect places to reminisce about our own heritage and learn about the heritages of others, plus its completely free.


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