I live in Bat Country

We can't stop here!

OK, so I walk by my upstairs window that overlooks the Arby's lot today, and I see a dog tied to a handrail. Pit bull type. Maybe 8-9 months old. And I watch. 5 minutes go by and the dog is sitting, tied by a leash sitting in the sun, panting.

Another few minutes. No one. So I get a bowl, some cold tap water and go down to minister to the dog's potential needs. Then I wait. Ask a homeless guy nearby if the dog is his. I go inside Arby's and ask if anyone left a dog outside. No one.

The dog seems nice, but its eyes kind of reminded me of that 'special needs' boy playing banjo in "Deliverance." Not quite...symmetrical. Still an OK dog. Not fixed.

I get concerned; was this animal abandoned? So I go out, wait some more (maybe a total of 15 minutes) and I'm thinking, "Got to get this pooch out of the sun." So I untie him and he comes willingly.

Bad Timing.

Out of nowhere (well, from the Arby's) a dusty wind of dirt, bad tattoos, poor sanitation and 'street bitch' attitude starts uncomprehendingly screaming at me to tie the dog back.

Great. Crazy homeless waif using Arby's as her personal bathing area again. And she thinks I'm stealing her dog so she is getting all 'street tough'. Aaaand she didn't hear me ask when I went inside earlier if anyone left a dog in the sun.

Aaaaaannnnd off we went. Dancing accusations and denials, waltzes of protests and profanities with a hoe down of general bi-polar craziness on today's dance card. I'm trying to explain 'I'm just here to help and here is your dog' and please STFU! with all this 'street attitude.' She's starting to get off on the power trip. So it escalates.

She tossed some insult over her shoulder about me wanting to screw her dog, and I lost it. I threw the entire bowl of water on her, and screamed "CHILL GIRL.” Most of it hit the back of her grimy neck. Maybe a cupful. Would that be assault on a dirty person?

Obviously, that did nothing to de-escalate the thing. Most of me wanted to give her a spanking good, while my legs forced me into retreating. I guess there is only so much verbal insult a pet loving man can take in the heat of the day in Hotlanta. Thank you, legs, for not letting anger rule the day.

Of course, it got worse.

She was really provoking me to smack her. Really up in my face and hot with the insults. I am almost in spasms of anger and adrenalin. She was pushing me to hit her. Screams and insults flew from both of us. Man, I was pissed.

But no matter how angry I got, until she touched me, I dare not touch her, especially with about 30 rubberneckers in the jammed street known as Spring Street afternoon traffic parking lot, watching along with about 5 of my employees. She was angling at that point to be the 'victim'.

I am acting out of concern for her dog and she is fishing for a quick settlement lawsuit playing "who gets hit first, wins." Great. I live in Bat Country.

A few of my people came out and said "Hey, lets call 911 and let the cops see if you have a license and rabies shots for your dog."

She scooted. As if nothing happened.

Good grief. And the RedState Dome Dwellers gutted mental and physical health programs so we can have more fishing lakes, or election sound bytes, or something. Because..taxes! And...poor people are bad! Thanks oh so much for taking care of us taxpayers by "cutting entitlements," Mister GOP rich guy. That savings could have cost one of two humans everything. I hope you're next. Nothing changes a Republican faster into a Libertarian than being the victim of a random attack or arrested.

If you see this person, steer clear. She looks like a backpacker. 20sh. Wiry, wears, ugh, Daisy Dukes. Flies follow her. Acts like a banshee. Fairly crusty. Toting a very embarrassed looking black pit bull pup with a white chest stripe and a blue leash. Dog is very thin. I'm concerned he may have heartworms.

In spite of this cautionary tale, if you see any animal in need, please take the chance. I'll face the ire of a dozen crazy dog women if it means helping one animal's suffering ease. Yes, I'd do it again. That is the kind of idiot I am. Hmm Rick, so now who is the one with the mental issues here? D:

Yup. Just another hot summer day on the West Side of Midtown :D

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Marc Acampora July 12, 2012 at 08:09 PM
I empathize, except for the tangential and off-topic political cheap shot against the GOP.
Rick D. Day July 12, 2012 at 09:44 PM
I've always been one to place blame where warranted. In this case...* shrugs* Be well.


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