UPDATED: APS Rezones Summerhill To D.H. Stanton

New attendance maps have Summerhill community zoned to D.H. Stanton Elementary in Peoplestown, following APS Board Of Education's vote on schools closure recommendations.

The Atlanta Public Schools released a new set of maps late Friday that reflect new attendance zones, following the Board of Education's instead of 10 as.

While most of the attendance zones remain the same for the schools of East Atlanta Patch, there is one notable change for the Summerhill community.

The Summerhill neighborhood, which in Grant Park, is now moved from that school and is slated to attend D.H. Stanton Elementary in Peoplestown.

"The revised redistricting plan was approved in its entirety by the board earlier this week, including all rezoning and feeder pattern changes," APS spokesman Keith Bromery told East Atlanta Patch.

"I am not in a position to provide the rationale associated with specific zoning decisions, except that generally they are designed to more evenly spread student enrollment among the remaining schools following the decision to close seven schools."

Earlier plans had Summerhill zoned to D.H. Stanton, but Superintendent Erroll B. Davis Jr. moved the neighborhood to Parkside as many in the community wanted.

The Cabbagetown neighborhood, which , remains in that school's attendance area.

That the change for Summerhill came without any board discussion, isn't unusual, Bromery said.

"Approvals without discussion of specifics are fairly common for boards of education," he said. "Boards commonly stay out of the weeds in these matters, leaving it to the superintendent and his staff to attend to the details."

Summerhill residents, meanwhile, planned to meet Sunday to discuss next steps.

Here's how the school attendance zones in East Atlanta Patch shake out based on the new maps (Bold denotes an East Atlanta Patch neighborhood school.)

Grady High School Cluster:

  • Inman Middle School
  • Centennial Place
  • Hope-­Hill Elementary School (Old Fourth Ward): Old Fourth Ward, Sweet Auburn, Capitol Gateway, Oakland and the portion of Downtown east of I-75.
  • Mary Lin Elementary School (Candler Park): Candler Park, Inman Park and Lake Claire.
  • Springdale Park Elementary School

Jackson High School Cluster (Grant Park) includes:

  • Benteen Elementary School (Benteen Park): Benteen Park, Chosewood Park, Englewood Manor and the area of Custer/McDonough/Guice** south of Custer Ave SE.
  • Burgess-­Peterson Academy (East Atlanta Village): East Atlanta Village.
  • Coan Middle School (Edgewood): Edgewood, Kirkwood, East Lake, Reynoldstown and East Atlanta Village.
  • D.H. Stanton Elementary School (Peoplestown): Peoplestown and Summerhill.
  • Dunbar Elementary School
  • King Middle School (Grant Park): Grant Park, Cabbagetown, Ormewood Park, Summerhill, Peoplestown, Benteen Park, Chosewood Park, Englewood Manor, Custer/McDonough/Guice (and Mechanicsville).
  • Parkside Elementary School (Grant Park): Grant Park, Ormewood Park, Boulevard Heights, Woodland Hills, Cabbagetown Glenwood Park and the area of Custer/McDonough/Guice** between the creek and Custer Ave. SE.
  • Toomer Elementary School (Kirkwood): Kirkwood and East Lake.
  • Whitefoord Elementary School (Edgewood): Edgewood and Reynoldstown.

Carver High School Cluster:

  • Parks Middle School
  • Price Middle School
  • Sylvan Hills Middle School
  • Capitol View Elementary School
  • Finch Elementary School
  • Gideons Elementary School
  • Perkerson Elementary School
  • Slater Elementary School
  • Thomasville Heights Elementary School (Thomasville Heights): Thomasville Heights and Chosewood Park.

** While Custer/McDonough/Guice is split at the elementary school level between Benteen and Parkside elementary schools, the entire neighborhood is zoned for Jackson High School.

Péralte Paul April 16, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Thanks for the history lesson, Chris, and putting it in perspective.
Rachel Quartarone April 16, 2012 at 04:32 PM
I completely agree with this assessment, Chris. I am a longtime Summerhill resident and am among those advocating for Parkside. Stanton has had many problems in recent years. I am happy that the neighborhood is starting to support it and work on improvements, but it needs MAJOR work -- the kind of work that takes time, money and massive community involvement. The some 175 elementary aged children of Summerhill need a strong performing school that is ready for them NOW, not 5-10 years from now. It is a disservice to the children of Summerhil to move them from one under-performing school (Cook) to another (Stanton). We absolutely will not stand for it and will fight as hard we can to stay in Parkside's district. We have already lost our neighborhood school, are facing yet another closure, and our kids deserve better.
David Bottomley April 16, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Neighborhood support for Stanton had already begun. Like many neighborhoods the rezoning discussion had really raised awareness of our schools in Peoplestown. We were increasing participation in the local council and begun planning for leadership programs. From the jump it looked like we were going to be zoned Stanton/King/Jackson and we were pretty pleased with that. Also, all of Peoplestown was going to be zoned in Stanton rather than being split between Cook and Stanton and we were happy with that as well. In the meetings I attended there was no discussion of who else was zoned where for obvious reasons. In fact the PNA letter we submitted only said that we supported the cluster system and we wanted high school kids that got rezoned to have the option of staying at their current school. Closing Stanton was not discussed until the last minute and our natural position was to keep it open. Everyone wants their school to stay open. In the millions of words spoken at the APS meetings I'm pretty sure the phrase 'I sure am happy my local school is closing' has never been uttered. However, for us in Peoplestown where anyone else is zoned is not our concern. Perhaps Summerhill's desire to be in Parkside had an influence on the decision to close Stanton. So? That's Summerhill's right to lobby for Parkside and they have no obligation to support us. At the same time we have a right to advocate for Stanton to remain open.
Jon Mickle April 16, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Choice. Walkability or Quality Education? Pretty Building or Quality Education? Passionate Activists or Quality Education? More SPLOST Funds or Quality Education? Summerhill deserves the right to answer these questions.
Kathleen R April 16, 2012 at 11:26 PM
I live in Summerhill and as a concerned homeowner with plans to raise a family I demand quality education for my children. This is why we rallied for support to attend Parkside. This was promised to us as a community and clearly spelled out in the zoning documentation provided by APS, we as residents trusted the word of APS and are very disappointed by this complete about-face which appear all to be knee-jerk reactions. We went through the protocol of providing input to the Board and this is how we are rewarded? This is a serious violation of trust! I am outraged!


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