Atlanta Artist Development Program Launched

WonderRoot announces Walthall Artist Fellowship to support artists at pivotal stages in their careers; Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center for the Arts receives grant

WonderRoot recently announced a brand new career development program for Atlanta area artists.

Building on a model of learning and exchange which connects artists to mentors, peer artists, and leaders in the field, The Walthall Artist Fellowship is comprised of five components: a monthly symposium, peer learning and roundtable discussions, one-to-one artist mentorship, a five-day residency at Ossabaw Island and a group exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia.

Founded in 2004, WonderRoot is an Atlanta-based non-profit arts and service organization with a mission to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change.

For the Fellowship, it is seeking artists who are at pivotal points in their careers. Selected Fellows will exhibit a serious dedication to their professional development, must be actively pursuing learning and exhibition opportunities, and will reflect the multiplicity of practices, backgrounds and experiences in Atlanta’s creative community.

In order to apply, interested artists should visit the program's webpage for more details. The online application can be accessed directly here.

Below is an outline of the program's components. By participating in the program, Fellows will have access to many of Atlanta's most influential and successful artists and arts administrators.

Program Outline –
Session 1: How to Make a Living and Advocacy
Scott Ingram, Gyun Hur, Jason Kofke, Danielle Roney, Chris Appleton, and more
Session 2: Contracts, Intellectual Property, and other Law Issues
Liz Wheeler (GLA) and several artists
Session 3: Working with galleries, museums and academic institutions
Susan Bridges, Annette Cone Skelton, Michael Rooks, Cynthia Farnell, and others
Session 4: Working with the Press, Marketing and Social Media
Jason Parker, Emily Amy, and artists
Session 5: Proposals, Grants, and Fundraising
Cathy Fox, Jeremy Abernathy, Katy Malone, Jason Kofke, Shannon Turner, Lara Smith, and more
Session 6: Insurance, Business Plans, Finance, Housing & Studio Space
Jessyca Holland, Resources for Residents and Communities, and others

Session 7: Art and Activism, Art in the Public Realm
Carlton Mackey, Alice Lovelace, Lisa Tuttle, Edwin Link, Lauri Stallings, Alex Brewer, Tim Franzen, Louis Corrigan, and others

Session 8: Preserving your work, building a portfolio and working beyond Atlanta
Stephanie Dowda, Shelby Hofer, Stuart Horodner, Craig Drennen, and others
Residency Program: Five day visit to Ossabaw Island.
Group Exhibition at MOCA GA: Featuring work by all twelve artists, the exhibition will be curated by Maggie Ginestra of WonderRoot.  Collaborative performances and installations will be encouraged. All work exhibited in the show will be work that is created by the artists while participating in the development program.

Ferst Center For The Arts Receives Grant 


Chamber Music America (CMA) has selected Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center for the Arts to receive a Residency Partnership grant for its 2012-13 ARTech Residency with post-classical string quartet, Ethel. The ARTech residency program emphasizes a particular exploration of the arts and science or technology that has a unique connection with Georgia Tech.

Fifteen CMA member organizations, including music conservatories, festivals and arts presenting organizations, will receive the 2012 Residency Partnership Program grants totaling $122,000. The Ferst Center received full funding at the maximum amount allowed by CMA’s Residency Partnership grant guidelines.

The program supports arts organizations in building audiences for classical/contemporary, jazz and world chamber music through residency projects. Funding is specifically aimed at activities that take place in community settings and that are not part of a regular concert series.

The $10,000 grant award to the Ferst Center provides support for string quartet Ethel’s “Stages of Influence” ARTech Residency. Ethel will collaborate with Georgia Tech College of Architecture students to select a non-traditional performance space on the campus to serve as a stage for multiple performance installations. The space will be explored for its acoustical and architectural nature through sound and music by Ethel and through movement by choreographer Seán Curran.

“We are especially honored to be the only university awarded this prestigious grant this year,” said Georgia Tech’s Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. William D. Schafer, in a statement. “The funding provides the Ferst Center with an invaluable opportunity to build upon the success of the ARTech Residency program, make innovative academic connections between art and technology and introduce high caliber professional performing artists to the student body.”

Over the course of two week-long campus visits, Ethel will hold classroom lectures with Georgia Tech architecture students, perform a free outdoor concert, participate in K-12 educational outreach sessions with Ferst Center partner schools and Drew Charter School, participate in an ARTech panel discussion on the challenges and outcomes of the project and perform a culminating public concert as part of the residency. The residency has the following goals:

  • Introduce a new music group to the Ferst Center’s concert audience through multiple interactions exploring music, sound and space;
  • Further integrate the arts into a technology-driven campus through artistically innovative campus performances and interactions; and
  • Introduce K-12 students to chamber music in both traditional and non-traditional forms.

Acclaimed American post-classical string quartet, Ethel invigorates contemporary concert music with refreshing exuberance and exceptional artistry. Formed in 1998, New York’s ebullient Ethel currently serves as Artists-in-Residence at New York City’s Park Avenue Armory, the Ensemble-in-Residence at the Grand Canyon Music Festival as part of the Native American Composers Apprenticeship Project and the official house band of TEDxManhattan and TEDxBig Apple conferences.

The group is currently celebrating the release of its third album, Heavy (Innova Recordings) – a sonic snapshot of the group’s life in New York City.


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