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If you’re ready for a 21st century career, this workshop is for you!

  • You want to transition out of your current field
  • You are unhappy in your job
  • You dream of a career in sustainability or conscious living
  • You are successful in your work but you long to express your creativity, passion, and vision in a deeper way

It is hugely frustrating place to be dependent on the financial support of work that no longer excites you ~ or to be excited about work that doesn’t yet provide the financial support you require. But instead of stuffing your feelings in a futile effort to cope, I invite you to explore an entirely new field of possibility.

  • Strengthen your ability to take bold, deliberate action
  • Tune in to what your heart and soul really want
  • Remove the obstacles to your success
  • Create innovative solutions that extend and broaden your influence
  • Build the career that suits your spirit
  • That sounds great, right? But right now, you’re not feeling bold ~ you’re frustrated and feeling stuck.

    It is tempting, especially in today’s economy, to settle for less than what your heart and soul truly want. The fear of catastrophe can be debilitating. Unfortunately, if you resist change when you receive a clear message from your heart you might subconsciously create a catastrophe to propel you out of your comfort zone. No one wants that.

    Let’s activate your authentic power, instead. 

    Your authentic power is desperately needed in this changing world. As a planet, we must shift away from speculative, short-term thinking and focus instead on long-term, sustainable, egalitarian projects that help us resolve our dependence on oil, global poverty, and the many environmental crises we currently face. Whether you’ve come to explore the future of your career because of a conscious choice or because of a crisis, our sustainable global future starts with you.

    In this workshop, you will:

    • Clearly understand the gifts you are here to offer the world
    • Develop a new sense of presence and power as a leader
    • Explore innovative, creative, original ideas that can create personal and planetary quantum change
    • Learn how to leverage the laws of attraction and magnetism to create the future you choose

    You can have the kind of career that you dream of having.

    And why would you NOT want that for yourself? Business has the power to create or destroy our positive, awakened future. Changing what you know about yourself will change your life and the lives of so many others. Deliberately creating the vision of your most dynamic, amazing, and powerful future is a powerful act of service for our world.

    You’ll become the leader you were meant to become.

    Practical  | Motivational  | Hands-on

    In addition to being inspired, you’ll get:

    • An individualized action plan* (value: $100)
    • Individual coaching (value: $250)
    • One month free in the Coaching Club (value: $47)
    • A copy of my signature e-book, Stepping into the Dream (value:$15)
    • Tools, strategies, and a new mindset to last a lifetime (value: priceless)

    I believe in you. The world needs your passion and your vision.

    Like many leaders, you have probably already made peace with change as the only constant in life. Bold, awakened action can be daunting. A skilled coach will never pretend to know what you’re course of action should be. The work of coaching is to hold firmly open the door of possibility and support the visionary in taking bold action. This is where I excel.

    A total value of over $400…..only $135.

    LocationNextSpace in lovely downtown Santa CruzTime: 8 AM – 12 PM
    If you buy both workshops on June 30, lunch is included.

    Join me in Santa Cruz on June 30!


    Lois Klein July 02, 2012 at 12:37 PM
    I hope you get conscious students, and also conscientious ones, too. Look up the meaning of those c-words, and you'll see why I got such a laugh from your use of consciou


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