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Are you working too hard for others and not getting back
what you want for yourself?

  • Fighting weight gain
  • Suffering from financial trouble
  • Shopping too much or doing other addictive behaviors
  • Having regular fights with your partner
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Watching your kids spiral out of control

You don’t need anyone to tell you this is a bad place to be. But instead of running away or denying that you have a problem, I invite you to turn on your power and resolve your emotional, psychological, sexual, and physical dissatisfaction ~ for good.

  • Stop looking for external solutions for the problems in your life
  • Tap into your true creative power
  • Build boundaries that honor you and others
  • Become the queen of your realm
  • Build a life that suits your spirit

That sounds great, right? But right now, you’re not feeling empowered ~ you’re overwhelmed.

If you’re like most women, if you had an extra hour to yourself you’d just want to go for a walk, clear your head, and take a few breaths. You might secretly dream about living in a small cabin in the mountains and getting away from it all.

Let’s awaken your authentic feminine power. 

Awakened feminine power is collaborative, inclusive, holistic, and magnetic. It is connected to nature and to all other beings on the planet. It is compassionate and kind, strong and respectful. A lack of feminine empowerment has created the crisis that our global civilization is in today. A shift back to feminine power in our leaders, our neighborhoods, and the global community is required. That starts with you.

In this workshop, you will:


  • Learn how to live well and make a difference
  • Become irresistible to your life partner and soulmate
  • Remove the inner blockages that keep you playing small
  • Gain the strength to make a quantum leap in your personal or business life
  • Prioritize your own goals ~ permanently

You’ll become the YOU that you’re meant to become.

Yes, oh yes. It can be thatgood.

And why would you NOT want to become that amazing woman? It is your destiny ~ and your birthright. And frankly, it’s time. We’re in the middle of the biggest shift in human history. You don’t want to miss out on the party, do you? (I didn’t think so.)

Practical  | Motivational  | Hands-on

In addition to being inspired, you’ll get:

  • An individualized action plan* (value: $100)
  • Individual coaching (value: $250)
  • One month free in the Coaching Club (value: $47)
  • A copy of my signature e-book, Stepping into the Dream (value:$15)
  • Tools, strategies, and a new mindset to last a lifetime (value: priceless)

I believe in you. This call to awakening is for you, no matter what your past or current situation may be.

And in many cases, the process of exploration you’ll experience in this workshop will resolve any external situation that you dislike. Change inside creates change outside. It’s that easy.


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